XMPP Council - 2012-07-19

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  20. Kev

    Anyone think LC on 308 would be a bad idea?

  21. Kev


  22. m&m

    I think it's a bad idea ...

  23. m&m

    … to delay that any longer (-:

  24. Tobias

    Kev, to draft?

  25. Kev


  26. Tobias

    would be fine with me...it's not a that complex that and from my view looks okay

  27. Kev

    It's dead simple and we've even got a couple of implementations (Jitsi implemented it too, at least).

  28. Tobias


  29. m&m


  30. Kev

    I know this because they complained that I was still using the pre-Experimental namespace :)

  31. m&m

    would this count as a special session? there is a quorum (-:

  32. Kev


  33. m&m


  34. Kev

    I'm sure it'll wait until Wednesday - I don't think it's desperately urgent.

  35. m&m

    I was joking (-:

  36. Kev

    Right, but it wasn't an entirely stupid suggestion :)

  37. m&m

    if we (council) ever do something that requires urgency … I will weep for civilization

  38. Kev


  39. Kev

    Right, thanks chaps.

  40. Kev

    I'll try to remember to ask for LC next week :)

  41. m&m

    no problem

  42. m&m adds it to the list (-:

  43. stpeter

    good work, guys ;-)

  44. Kev

    I don't understand Mark's aversion to having a new feature for disco - would anyone else mind expressing an opinion, please?

  45. m&m

    I was going to, but it's Mean Thursday and my response was not going to be constructive

  46. m&m

    But I'm still planning to

  47. Kev


  48. stpeter


  49. Tobias

    interesting...interpreting the reduce of code reuse as charity

  50. m&m


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