XMPP Council - 2012-07-31

  1. stpeter

    is there a Council meeting tomorrow?

  2. stpeter

    ah, no

  3. stpeter

    I see that in the minutes

  4. m&m


  5. stpeter

    Last Call issued on XEP-0308

  6. Tobias

    !xep 308

  7. Kanchil

    Tobias: XEP-0308(Shortname NOT_YET_ASSIGNED): Last Message Correction Standards Track/Experimental Updated: 2011-11-10

  8. Tobias


  9. stpeter

    I see an awful lot of discussion continuing about XEP-0301, do we really feel that it's ready for Last Call?

  10. m&m


  11. stpeter

    I will need to review the threads tonight

  12. stpeter

    but at least 308 is on its way :)

  13. m&m


  14. stpeter

    I have a longer train ride now, so I can get more work done :)