XMPP Council - 2012-08-08

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  24. m&m

    ding ding ding

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  31. Kev

    1) Roll call.

  32. m&m


  33. MattJ


  34. Kev

    Can probably safely assume Tobias is here...

  35. Tobias

    you can assume what you want ;)

  36. Kev

    So, we don't have anything to discuss, but do we need to discuss 301 again?

  37. m&m


  38. Kev

    Last time we agreed to LC once 0.6 was out, and 0.6 is out.

  39. m&m

    I need to read it again, this time skipping the intro, and not on an airplane

  40. stpeter

    it seemed that there was continued flux, which militated against issuing LC at that time

  41. m&m


  42. Kev


  43. stpeter

    the author said he could send me 0.7 in the next ~24 hours or so

  44. Kev

    I'm expecting another deluge of comments during LC.

  45. m&m


  46. Kev

    And changes, etc. etc.

  47. stpeter


  48. stpeter

    I need to read it again, but I'll wait for 0.7 / LC

  49. stpeter

    we can always have a second LC :)

  50. stpeter

    it's happened before

  51. m&m


  52. Kev

    This is clearly, to me, not in a state to go to Draft, but I'm sympathetic to the "If we don't do it now it'll be another ten years" argument.

  53. stpeter

    so my sense would be publish 0.7 when it arrives, issue LC, see how it goes

  54. Kev

    So I'm prepared to ignore better judgement as long as it's not obviously unready.

  55. m&m

    I do appreciate the author's enthusiasm

  56. stpeter


  57. m&m

    I've no objections to LC on 0.7 as soon as it arrives

  58. m&m

    I have a list of comments on paper I still need to transfer into a more sharable form

  59. m&m

    but will wait for 0.7 if it's right around the corner

  60. Kev

    OK. So nothing for us to do, then.

  61. Kev

    I'll assume that was (2).

  62. Kev

    3) Date of next meeting.

  63. m&m


  64. Kev

    Next week?

  65. m&m


  66. Tobias


  67. stpeter

    sounds good

  68. Kev


  69. Kev

    4) Any other business?

  70. MattJ

    None here

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  72. m&m

    not this week … can provide an IETF update next week if desired

  73. Kev

    Sounds good.

  74. m&m is not very well prepared this week /-:

  75. stpeter

    calendar updated

  76. stpeter

    yeah, IETF update would be good

  77. Kev


  78. Kev

    OK, think we're done, then.

  79. stpeter


  80. Kev

    Thanks all.

  81. Kev bangs the gavel.

  82. m&m


  83. stpeter wanders off for water

  84. m&m gets more caffeine

  85. Zash

    caffeine :D

  86. stpeter


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