XMPP Council - 2012-09-26

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  17. m&m ding?
  18. stpeter dong
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  20. m&m we are having a council meeting, right?
  21. stpeter I thought so
  22. Tobias yup
  23. Tobias maybe we should tell Kev about it :)
  24. stpeter although I seem to have been remiss about updating the schedule :(
  25. m&m stpeter: maybe you can show me what to do on that
  26. stpeter m&m: sure thing
  27. stpeter pings Kev
  28. m&m I already did
  29. stpeter heh
  30. stpeter ok
  31. m&m + MattJ + Ralphm
  32. Kev Balls, sorry.
  33. Kev Hell of a week.
  34. MattJ m&m, I was already here ;)
  35. Kev I'll note I was late in the minutes.
  36. stpeter Kev: yeah, I'm sure, what with having been on holiday before
  37. m&m I just noticed … sorry!
  38. stpeter :)
  39. m&m it's been a long week for me, too
  40. Kev stpeter: The holiday was weeks ago. I need another by now.
  41. Kev Anyway.
  42. Kev 1) Roll call.
  43. Kev I'm here, belatedly.
  44. stpeter Kev: ouch
  45. m&m presente
  46. Tobias here
  47. MattJ Here
  48. Kev Anyone poked Ralph?
  49. m&m I did
  50. Kev Ta.
  51. m&m no response
  52. Kev 2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/muc-admin.html Accept as XEP?
  53. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/muc-admin.html: XEP-xxxx: Multi-User Chat Administration
  54. stpeter m&m pointed out problems to me
  55. m&m I don't know if they're problems, per se
  56. Kev I've not read it yet. I need to.
  57. MattJ I read it yesterday
  58. m&m just curious why existing admin actions are duplicated
  59. Kev I'm not sure why we need another way of setting the subject.
  60. stpeter I should probably fix it up before we publish it, and add more use cases -- I was in a hurry at the time, working on it while commuting and such
  61. Kev Or the other duplications.
  62. Tobias i haven't read it yet etiher
  63. MattJ I think it's a good start, I have a small wishlist though (that may or may not be addressed in this spec)
  64. m&m I've no objections to publishing
  65. m&m btw
  66. Kev I'm a little uneasy about duplicating the functions without understanding the reason.
  67. Kev But I've not read it properly to see if that's explained.
  68. Kev I'll read it over the next couple of days.
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  70. ralphm hi
  71. Tobias hi ralphm
  72. Kev Hi Ralph.
  73. Kev No-one opposing right now, right?
  74. Tobias i'm not...will read it soonish
  75. m&m not now, possibly not ever
  76. Kev Ta.
  77. ralphm not opposing
  78. Kev m&m: I'm so very tempted to make a "That's what she said" comment here.
  79. stpeter the spec doesn't explain why we might want to use ad-hoc commands for existing functions, although one could argue that it would have been a good idea to do that from the start (and wouldn't require special-purpose code), but I agree that these don't deserve to be front-and-center, perhaps in an appendix
  80. Kev But I won't.
  81. m&m Kev: you need another holiday (-:
  82. Kev Really do.
  83. m&m Kev: I hear November 5th should not be forgot
  84. ralphm although I do wonder if we are to mess with this, maybe there are some other things more pressing, re muc
  85. Kev m&m: Very good.
  86. Kev ralphm: If they were pressing, someone would have worked on them :)
  87. Kev (maybe)
  88. ralphm Kev: well yeah, that's a good point I suppose
  89. m&m ralphm: we did got through a fairly thorough editorial revision not too long ago
  90. m&m thinks he needs another holiday
  91. Kev 3) Date of next meeting.
  92. Kev Next Wed's not good for me.
  93. MattJ Me neither
  94. stpeter I'll be offline next Wednesday, methinks
  95. m&m so 2012-10-10
  96. m&m ??
  97. MattJ wfm
  98. ralphm m&m: I rather meant an actual overhaul, that probably no-one actually wants. never mind.
  99. stpeter sure
  100. Tobias wfm
  101. Kev m&m: If that's a fortnight today, yes.
  102. ralphm m&m: I just happened to find this (again): https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=27687
  103. m&m Kev: no, it's two weeks
  104. m&m (-:
  105. m&m is a little punchy today
  106. stpeter notes that m&m and I still need to clean up the ad-hoc commands spec a bit
  107. m&m /sigh
  108. Kev 4) AOB?
  109. m&m yeah, I've got a list sitting next to me
  110. m&m or I thought ...
  111. stpeter m&m: we'll talk :)
  112. m&m /nod
  113. stpeter m&m: but when you're less punchy
  114. stpeter :P
  115. stpeter no AOB from me
  116. stpeter still didn't get to XHTML-IM, maybe tonight :)
  117. m&m none from me
  118. Kev Fab. I still owe minutes for last week, I know.
  119. m&m Kev: do you need someone to take minutes for you?
  120. Kev The end of madness is in sight, hopefully I'll be more on-the-ball when we've got this release shipped.
  121. m&m us
  122. Zash MattJ still owes an updated XEP-0313 ...
  123. Kev m&m: I can do them, but thanks.
  124. Kev I've just been on site the last few days and haven't had a chance to think.
  125. stpeter and don't forget http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2012 -- I'm still recruiting ;-)
  126. Kanchil stpeter: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2012: Board and Council Elections 2012 - XMPP Wiki
  127. Kev Number of Council applicants has doubled since I last looked, w00t.
  128. Kev Anyway. I think we're largely done here aren't we?
  129. ralphm :-)
  130. ralphm hit it
  131. Kev bangs the gavel
  132. Kev Thanks all.
  133. m&m graze
  134. stpeter calendar updated
  135. MattJ Zash, have been working on 313 this morning
  136. Kev stpeter: Thanks.
  137. Kev stpeter: Thanks for doing the GSoC invoice too.
  138. stpeter Kev: sure thing!
  139. stpeter Kev: do we need to write a final GSoC blog post, perhaps?
  140. Kev Yes. I asked the students to send me links to closing posts of their own, but none did.
  141. Kev So I guess we should write one without.
  142. stpeter nods
  143. stpeter not today, though
  144. m&m MattJ/Kev: is there an update to 297 pending also>
  145. m&m ?
  146. Zash :D
  147. Kev m&m: I vaguely recall I'm supposed to be reading through what's there and seeing if I agree before we request LC.
  148. stpeter :)
  149. MattJ m&m, you need to update carbons for the new format
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  151. m&m yeah, I know
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  155. ralphm :-(
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  162. MattJ ralphm, using Google? ;)
  163. MattJ If you can get them to fix that, I would really love you
  164. MattJ Dave tried
  165. ralphm MattJ: what happened
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  168. MattJ Have to ask him, but evidently it wasn't fixed
  169. ralphm I mean, there must be a way for us, the xsf, to get the message across to them that their implementation is broken in this respect
  170. ralphm the pdf I linked to above (from freedesktop.org) even mentions that they seem to expect an unavailable presence being sent before a nick change
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