XMPP Council - 2012-10-11

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  21. m&m T - 10
  22. Kev Yes.
  23. Kev And I'm even here. With an alarm set on my phone.
  24. m&m (-:
  25. Kev Although anything could happen in the next 6 minutes.
  26. Kev Alarm went off.
  27. Kev So I'm on my own now.
  28. m&m 30 seconds!
  29. Kev Matt and Ralph poked.
  30. Kev I don't see Tobias.
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  32. ralphm waves
  33. Kev Hi Ralph.
  34. m&m hola
  35. Kev Matt's marked AFK,so I guess there's not too much hope there.
  36. m&m /-:
  37. Kev 1) Roll call.
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  39. m&m presente
  40. Kev I'm here.
  41. stpeter howdy
  42. Kev Evening Peter.
  43. Kev And Ralph seems here too.
  44. Kev 2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/xml-media-element.html Accept (newer version)?
  45. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/xml-media-element.html: XEP-xxxx: Data Forms XML Element
  46. m&m no objections
  47. stpeter I think this one just fell off my radar screen
  48. ralphm no objections to publish
  49. Kev I do wonder if this needs some text about jabber:client|server.
  50. Kev But this isn't a reason to not publish.
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  52. ralphm I reiterate that I'm not sure the idea itself is a good one
  53. Kev AFAICS, it would be illegal to do:
  54. Tobias hi
  55. Kev <message> <wrapper xmlns='...'> <not-from-xmpp xmlns='jabber:client'/> </wrapper> </message>
  56. Kev Hi Tobias.
  57. Kev Tobias: objections to http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/xml-media-element.html ?
  58. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/xml-media-element.html: XEP-xxxx: Data Forms XML Element
  59. m&m wouldn't we have to add that to every XEP, though?
  60. m&m I don't think it's worth calling out any more here than we've done in other places.
  61. Kev m&m: How many other XEPs claim to allow you to include arbitrary XML as a child?
  62. m&m pubsub
  63. m&m ok, at least one (-:
  64. Kev This specifically calls out that you can use it for shipping XMPP logs, and it doesn't allow that.
  65. Kev Assuming by 'logs' we mean 'telemetry'.
  66. Kev But anyway, I'm not objecting to this.
  67. Kev And I think Tobias has wandered off again.
  68. Tobias what?
  69. Tobias ah..one sec
  70. ralphm I don't particularly like that you can have more than one child of wrapper
  71. ralphm also not quite sure if you actually need a wrapper
  72. Kev ralphm: Yes, I wondered that, but I think you do.
  73. m&m I think the wrapper helps
  74. ralphm iff you need one, it should only have one child element
  75. Kev That is - you need to know "This is a blob of XML that is an answer to this field".
  76. Kev Rather than "This is some field type that you don't understand".
  77. ralphm otherwise it is more than one xml blob
  78. ralphm (possibly)
  79. Kev Yes, although whether that matters is another issue.
  80. Kev Do you want to block it on that basis, or just comment onlist?
  81. ralphm I said already I have no objections to it being published
  82. ralphm I am not sure I like the way it works
  83. Tobias no objections to it from my side
  84. Kev You did - I was checking you hadn't changed your mind :)
  85. Kev OK.
  86. Kev 3) Date of next meeting.
  87. ralphm I'll be in SF/Portland the coming two weeks
  88. Kev Next Wednesday looks OK for me, unless I get called to be onsite again with short notice.
  89. stpeter glances at http://wiki.xmpp.org:12480/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2012
  90. Kanchil stpeter: http://wiki.xmpp.org:12480/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2012: Board and Council Elections 2012 - XMPP Wiki
  91. Tobias that wiki should be available on port 80, btw
  92. stpeter ah, good
  93. ralphm Tobias: interestingly, it is!
  94. Kev We can have one last meeting on the 30th then, I guess.
  95. Tobias ralphm, got an url?
  96. stpeter WFM
  97. ralphm Tobias: just chop off the port part
  98. Kev Without anaesthetic? :o
  99. m&m WFM
  100. Tobias ralphm, ahh..thx...
  101. ralphm Tobias: someone should fix the config that it doesn't expose that additional weird port
  102. Tobias indeed
  103. ralphm Also, Cool URLs Don't Change!
  104. Kev Someone needs to finish the porting of athena from lighttpd to nginx.
  105. stpeter I have one AOB.... XEP-0071 and how to come to agreement on structured elements vs. stylistic presentation, but I suppose I'll just post to the list about that
  106. Kev I started and then got distracted, as so often happens.
  107. ralphm I wish to stamp that on the head of everyone involved the slightest in anything related to publishing web pages
  108. Kev stpeter: I think at this stage the answer is "We don't substantially change the XEP".
  109. Kev But yes, that discussion can happen on-list.
  110. Kev OK, so next meeting 30th October, just before we get kicked out.
  111. m&m /nod
  112. ralphm To be more blunt. I'm a solid -1 on anything adding stuff
  113. ralphm like rdfa
  114. Kev Any other any other business?
  115. stpeter not adding anything, just softening some of the language, but I'll post to the list :)
  116. m&m where are we on xep-0297 ?
  117. Kev Was I supposed to be giving that a read-through before we ask for an LC?
  118. m&m yes (-:
  119. Kev OK.
  120. Kev Have added to my TODO.
  121. m&m I need to look at the list again … there might have been some comments that need addressing
  122. Kev Any other any other business?
  123. m&m none from me
  124. ralphm -
  125. Tobias none here
  126. Kev OK.
  127. Kev I think we're done then.
  128. Kev Thanks all.
  129. Kev bangs the gavel.
  130. ralphm yay
  131. ralphm thanks all
  132. m&m w00t
  133. Tobias thanks
  134. Tobias bbl
  135. stpeter bbiaf
  136. m&m wonders in search of caffeine
  137. ralphm flash!
  138. stpeter wonders why m&m wonders instead of wanders
  139. ralphm hehe
  140. Tobias has left
  141. m&m because too much caffeine is a bad thing, and I've had at least 300mLs so far this morning
  142. m&m well, 300mLs of coffee
  143. m&m and 300mLs of green tea
  144. ralphm m&m: the SI designation for liter is lowercase l.
  145. ralphm and no -s
  146. m&m graze
  147. m&m I'm a silly American, anyway
  148. ralphm well, /you/ could still do the proper thing
  149. ralphm it is a wonder (haha see above) you even know about them
  150. m&m in the end, I'm filled up my 150ml cup with more coffee
  151. ralphm (them being the SI units)
  152. m&m I said silly, not ignorant
  153. m&m d-:
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  155. ralphm m&m: I'm sorry, you're in the middle of hahaland
  156. m&m oh yesh
  157. ralphm too bad you won't be in porland
  158. MattJ grumbles at timezones
  159. ralphm MattJ: seriously?
  160. m&m I know, but there's only so much travel I can get away with before the family complains
  161. ralphm m&m: right
  162. MattJ ralphm, seriously :P
  163. ralphm MattJ: coming weeks will be interesting for you
  164. MattJ Quite
  165. m&m oh crap … that's right
  166. ralphm The council meeting of the 30th will be in between the daylight switch of europe and the states
  167. m&m I'll be traveling to Atlanta on the next change in the US
  168. MattJ Lovely
  169. m&m this is why we should abolish DST
  170. ralphm I think we didn't pick I time. I suggest 16:00 UTC
  171. m&m I think that works for me
  172. MattJ Me too
  173. Kev Yes.
  174. stpeter ok, I sent a message to the standards@ list about structure vs. style, we'll see what comes of it
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