XSF logo XMPP Council - 2012-10-31

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  13. m&m out
  14. m&m gah
  15. m&m stupid keyboard focus
  16. stpeter hi
  17. stpeter :)
  18. m&m I can't wait until Sunday ...
  19. m&m … when we're all back to the same interpretation of timezone
  20. m&m (roughly)
  21. stpeter yeah me too
  22. stpeter I can't wait for next Friday when I'm done with IETF stuff for a while
  23. Zash :D
  24. stpeter I can't wait for next Wednesday when we don't have to hear about the damn election anymore
  25. stpeter so much that I can't wait for ;-)
  26. Zash "What election?" :P
  27. stpeter Zash: it's inescapable here in the States -- not sure when you next have elections in Sweden...
  28. Zash In 2014, coinciding with EU elections.
  29. Zash But it is hard to escape US elections here too, but it'll naturally be less *everywhere*
  30. stpeter yeah, sorry about that ;-)
  31. m&m at least we don't have to wait for board/council elections to finish (-:
  32. stpeter :P
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