XMPP Council - 2013-01-02

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  15. ralphm waves
  16. Kev Hi Ralph.
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  18. Tobias hi
  19. Kev m&m: You here?
  20. Kev It is time.
  21. m&m I am now
  22. MattJ Ditto
  23. Kev Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this year's first installment of ... The EX EM PEE PEE Council.
  24. Kev 1) Roll call.
  25. Kev I'm here.
  26. m&m presente
  27. Tobias there
  28. Kev ralphm: Still here?
  29. ralphm here
  30. Kev Excellent.
  31. Kev 2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/mep.html Accept as XEP?
  32. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/mep.html: XEP-XXXX: MUC Eventing Protocol
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  34. m&m no objections
  35. ralphm +1
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  37. Kev I had a couple of niggles with this, but nothing blocking.
  38. MattJ +1
  39. Kev (Niggles like the Note: box being wrong, and a typo of MEP becoming NEP)
  40. ralphm Kev: sure thing
  41. Tobias +1
  42. MattJ Sorry, I have a bad connection atm, may pop in and out
  43. MattJ Kev, oh good, just editorial?
  44. MattJ Of the various approaches to MEP that we've ever had, this has always been my favourite
  45. Kev I think so, although I'm shattered today so maybe I've just forgotten.
  46. Kev It's the only approach that can fundamentally work, I think - although there are lots of things that need to be cleared up.
  47. Kev When room history is limited to stuff a day old, MEP should be limited as well, it interacts with Fast Reconnect, etc.
  48. ralphm I still have to read it in detail, and a great thing to discuss in a few weeks
  49. Kev And when you publish to your PEP node, that should be autopushed to your MEP nodes, presumably.
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  51. stpeter happy new year
  52. Kev But yes, clearing this stuff up in Brussels would be a good use of time there.
  53. Kev Hi Peter, HNY.
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  55. Kev 3) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/hats.html Accept as Experimental?
  56. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/hats.html: XEP-xxxx: Hats
  57. ralphm +1
  58. ralphm good to see this in writing now
  59. m&m also no objections
  60. Kev I don't have any fundamental objections to this, although I think that (3) is probably the wrong choice for the format.
  61. MattJ +1 to hats
  62. Kev I'm glad it doesn't cover some of the madnessess that I've heard discussed for hats over the years.
  63. stpeter ralphm: it took only 2 or 3 years, I think
  64. m&m (-:
  65. Kev 3, I think.
  66. ralphm I had been thinking of a wrapper around the custom element, but I still have to think that over
  67. stpeter ralphm: yeah, I need to give it some more thought too
  68. Kev I think you have to assume that clients aren't going to understand the hats themselves in most circumstances.
  69. Tobias the example form maps a hat to nicknames? shouldn't it map hats to real jids?
  70. ralphm Kev, right
  71. Kev Tobias: A reasonable question.
  72. stpeter Tobias: quite possibly
  73. Tobias stpeter, when removing a had, you at least remove by jid in your example
  74. Kev Tobias: Is that blocking?
  75. waqas I had a whole bunch of minor questions and issues, but those can go on the ML after these get published :)
  76. ralphm Another fine topic for discussion in Brussels
  77. waqas (I was attempting to implement both the specs)
  78. Tobias Kev, nope..could be fixed during experimental imo
  79. Tobias waqas, in which client? ;)
  80. waqas Tobias: Servers have to do everything first
  81. ralphm For hats I expect many application-specific hats, that generic clients won't do much with, except maybe show their name.
  82. Tobias waqas, mimimimi.....
  83. stpeter waqas: I'm not surprised -- I wrote the hats spec in a hurry and haven't touched it in several weeks
  84. ralphm Like for games
  85. Kev OK, so that's everyone happy with this, I think.
  86. Tobias could be combined with bits of binary to add small icons for hats, etc.
  87. Kev Tobias: No, I think that's MEP :)
  88. Kev Aaaaanyway.
  89. Kev 4) Date of next meeting.
  90. Kev Next Wed, usual time?
  91. Tobias wfm
  92. MattJ +1
  93. ralphm Yeah
  94. Kev m&m?
  95. m&m double-you eff em
  96. Kev 5) Any other business?
  97. waqas m&m: That could be interpreted incorrectly..
  98. m&m none from me
  99. stpeter updates the calendar
  100. Kev stpeter: Thanks.
  101. stpeter wanders off for tea, brb
  102. Kev OK, with no other business I guess we're done.
  103. m&m same here
  104. Kev Thanks all.
  105. m&m tea, that is
  106. Kev bangs the gavel.
  107. ralphm yay
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  109. MattJ Oh, note... stpeter wrote in the call for talks that council would select from submissions
  110. MattJ I haven't personally had time to review them yet, shall we aim to do that next week?
  111. ralphm muhaha
  112. Kev I'm completely not on top of FOSDEM stuff.
  113. Kev I'm happy to review stuff (although don't recall seeing enough submissions for stuff to not fit anyway), but I'd greatly appreciate if someone could tell me what to review :)
  114. ralphm I think with the start of the new year we should give this new attention
  115. ralphm I believe the submission deadline for the FOSDEM flyer is nearing
  116. ralphm looks that up
  117. ralphm oh we set a deadline of 31 December
  118. MattJ Yes
  119. Kev Have we got enough talks to fill the time?
  120. Kev I'm happy enough to put a talk in if we're short and someone can think of anything interesting for me to say.
  121. Kev But have nothing particularly burning to say.
  122. Kev I'm guessing we'll start with the usual XMPP 101 with some combination of Remko/Peter/me one way or another.
  123. Tobias those are for FOSDEM right?
  124. Tobias not for summit, the talks
  125. Kev Yes.
  126. Tobias k
  127. ralphm I count 7 proposals on the summit ml
  128. ralphm not sure if people have sent requests directly to peter
  129. MattJ How much time do we have in the devroom this year?
  130. ralphm looks
  131. ralphm 11:00-19:00
  132. ralphm and the hard dead-line for the submission of our schedule for the devroom is January 10
  133. MattJ So we have plenty of room I gather
  134. ralphm yeah
  135. ralphm it is nice to not have to cram things in a schedule
  136. MattJ Some years we fill gaps with lightning talks, which generally get filled
  137. MattJ People always have something to say when given the chance :)
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  139. stpeter wanders back in after much IRL discussion
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