XMPP Council - 2013-01-09

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  26. Kev Blah, the diff tool isn't working. This is going to make checking Kurt's diff somewhat harder.
  27. m&m yeah
  28. m&m noticed that earlier this morning
  29. Kev https://gitorious.org/xmpp/xmpp/commit/c1d9716bfe7e0171a8b82a5f69da811d3e2f0d1b
  30. m&m hrmph
  31. m&m ok, now that is loading (-:
  32. Kev Righty, it is time.
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  34. ralphm hi
  35. Kev I don't see Tobias online.
  36. Kev Hi Ralph.
  37. Kev 1) Roll call.
  38. Kev I'm here.
  39. m&m presente
  40. Kev I have apologies from MattJ.
  41. ralphm I'm here
  42. Kev Tobias seems missing.
  43. Kev 2) XEP-0258 Accept 1.1? http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0258/diff/1.0/vs/1.1rc1 http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0258-1.1.html
  44. Kev This is a simple change, I'm happy with it.
  45. ralphm that first link doesn't work for me
  46. Kev Yeah, it's down. There's a git diff further in your scrollback.
  47. m&m There's a typo in the first sentence s/returned/return/
  48. Kev m&m: So there is.
  49. m&m https://gitorious.org/xmpp/xmpp/commit/c1d9716bfe7e0171a8b82a5f69da811d3e2f0d1b
  50. m&m otherwise I'm +1
  51. Kev That's editorial, so I think we can ask Peter to just fix it as he pushes the new version.
  52. m&m /nod
  53. ralphm oh right, +1
  54. Kev 3) Obsoleting compliance
  55. Kev Peter'd like to obsolete the obsolete compliance suites.
  56. Kev Seems sensible to me. Keeping the latest version not obsolete also seems sensible to me.
  57. m&m right
  58. m&m no objections from me
  59. ralphm I've come to terms with the fact that those entities we would like to strongly get into compliance will not actually be coerced into that by these compliance suites at all.
  60. Zash Time for compliance suite 2013 soon? :)
  61. ralphm that said, I'm +1 on obsoleting the obsolete
  62. m&m I'd rather have "Now THAT'S What I call Compliance 7" or some such … not actually based on a year
  63. Kev ralphm: I think there are entities that can be encouraged by this marketing ploy if they know about it.
  64. Kev ralphm: And keeping the 'current' one not obsolete?
  65. ralphm Kev: I am thinking of the truly big entities, like Google.
  66. ralphm Kev: yeah
  67. Kev Cool.
  68. Kev 4) XHTML-IM to Final (do I need to publish an updated version?)
  69. Kev Has Waqas's feedback been addressed yet? I thought it hadn't.
  70. m&m has Waqas provided feedback?
  71. Kev Was it not Waqas? Someone had found bunches of security holes in various implementations, and we/Peter were/was going to update the XEP to discuss them and suggest it's better if you don't have them. I'm pretty sure that was Waqas.
  72. m&m I remember Waqas saying he found a bunch, but I never saw was that list was
  73. m&m maybe it was shared with a limited party
  74. Kev Ah, maybe he didn't send it, then.
  75. Kev I don't recall seeing it, it's true.
  76. Kev OK, I'll chase Waqas, then.
  77. m&m in which case, his publicized concerns have been addressed, IMO
  78. m&m please
  79. Kev I'd rather delay Finaling it until it's clear that they're addressed.
  80. ralphm Aren't those basically implementation issues. I don't think the actual protocol will need to change.
  81. ralphm so that's ready for Final
  82. m&m I don't remember seeing a list, so I don't know if they were implementations or actual protocol problems
  83. ralphm possible editorial clarifications or security notices can always be added if needed
  84. m&m how about we give him a fortnight to publicize the concerns?
  85. m&m assuming Kev chases him down soon
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  87. Kev How about we go for after FOSDEM?
  88. stpeter sorry I'm late
  89. m&m that works
  90. Kev It's not clear to me whether I'll be able to do meetings between now and then anyway.
  91. Kev stpeter: Forgiven :)
  92. ralphm +1
  93. stpeter I can ping Waqas
  94. stpeter I too recall some possible implementation stupidities (really)
  95. stpeter like allowing silly CSS stuff
  96. m&m even though they're NOT RECOMMENDED in the spec
  97. stpeter IIRC they were things that you'd have to be really stupid about in HTML, but I suppose some people are
  98. stpeter m&m: right
  99. m&m I just can't find that list
  100. Kev stpeter: OK, if you're pinging him fab, thanks. One fewer thing for me to forget to do.
  101. m&m (-:
  102. Kev 5) Date of next meeting.
  103. ralphm stpeter: stupid is usually just throwing the incoming stuff verbatim into an HTML renderer
  104. stpeter ralphm: among other things, yes
  105. Kev I'd quite like to delay until Feb, depending whether other people are OK with that.
  106. stpeter Kev: seems OK
  107. ralphm +1
  108. m&m wfm
  109. Kev OK, so next meeting whatever the first Wed in Feb is, normal time.
  110. Kev 6) AOB?
  111. stpeter reading the log, I'm not quite sure what to do about the compliance suite specs -- obsolete them all? (it seems some folks think it might be beneficial to have a "living document")
  112. Kev stpeter: I think we agreed to obsolete all but the latest.
  113. ralphm what Kev said
  114. stpeter right, and then figure out what to do
  115. stpeter sure
  116. stpeter WFM
  117. m&m exactly
  118. stpeter will do, then
  119. Kev Ta.
  120. Kev Any OB?
  121. m&m none from me
  122. stpeter none here
  123. Kev I will be at FOSDEM, BTW, although I still need to book stuff (I think I wasn't sure last time we had a meeting).
  124. Kev So, I think we're done.
  125. stpeter ok
  126. Kev Thanks all.
  127. stpeter yep
  128. Kev bangs the gavel.
  129. stpeter thanks indeed!
  130. ralphm stpeter: did we come up with a final room schedule?
  131. stpeter ralphm: I don't think so -- will work with bear on that today or tonight
  132. ralphm ah, ok
  133. ralphm I should be around tonight (for me) as well
  134. ralphm if needed
  135. ralphm hard dead line is tomorrow
  136. stpeter ok thanks
  137. stpeter yes
  138. stpeter got it
  139. stpeter so I'll get to work on that sooner rather than later :)
  140. stpeter but first, some tea :)
  141. stpeter brb
  142. Kev I think there was some confusion over whether talks were for FOSDEM or the summit.
  143. Kev Last I saw on the list.
  144. stpeter aha
  145. bear that confusion was only with me I think
  146. stpeter hi bear :)
  147. Kev Well, I wasn't sure, so at least I was confused as well.
  148. bear I like to share my confusion with others it seems ;)
  149. stpeter heh
  150. stpeter generally all the talks are for FOSDEM unless they're too geeky
  151. Kev Right.
  152. bear does fosdem have that speaker app/tool again?
  153. stpeter bear: oh yes
  154. stpeter bear: it's quite the fun thing IIRC
  155. bear yea, I remember using an earlier version of it
  156. stpeter bear: will ping you via PM here soonish to coordinate, but first I need to get vaguely organized :)
  157. bear nods
  158. Kev bear: You're at FOSDEM this time aren't you?
  159. bear I leave sunday, but yes
  160. Kev Excellent.
  161. Kev I'm probably going to leave Sunday, myself.
  162. stpeter nods
  163. bear yea, I wasn't going to short my self by not going to at least one day of fosdem
  164. ralphm meating
  165. stpeter :)
  166. ralphm leaving after it, I think
  167. stpeter ralphm: I'm happy to see that you have your priorities in line :)
  168. Kev Are we likely to be meating on the Saturday or the Sunday?
  169. ralphm Sunday, I am guessing
  170. Kev Seems a shame to miss that, but I'm not sure I'll hang around long enough for the Sunday night.
  171. ralphm if florian is indeed going to fix Saturday for dinner
  172. Kev Oh. I thought the suggestion was much earlier for dinner - Thursday or whatever.
  173. ralphm last time I talked with him about it, he said that the place is closed on Thursday
  174. Kev Ah.
  175. ralphm Of course Friday is the pre-FOSDEM drink event. But I don't care for that as much.
  176. Kev Words fail to describe how little I wish to attend that :)
  177. ralphm used to be awesome with around 200 people
  178. ralphm But now first some zuurkool met spek.
  179. stpeter agreed on Friday
  180. bear checks...
  181. bear yep, leaving sunday morning
  182. Kev ralphm: I suspect it used to be awesome /for people who drink/ :)
  183. stpeter yeah, it's pretty insane
  184. stpeter the first time I went (still at L'Roi d'Espagne or whatever) it was fun
  185. stpeter so we'll simply need to make other plans
  186. Kev My preference, which doesn't count for much, would be to have the XSF dinner on the Friday and then just a meating on the Saturday.
  187. bear agrees with Kev
  188. stpeter that would work for me
  189. bear the dinner on friday can happen early enough to give time for the drinkers to wander over to the other event
  190. Kev Was there going to be a Board meeting after the Council meeting today, or has that habit stopped now?
  191. bear hmm, there could have been
  192. bear the only two things on the "must get done" list were the hotel and planning for fosdem
  193. Kev XSF meal is on the Thursday.
  194. Kev Just checked with Florian
  195. Kev I think Thursday is preferable to Friday :)
  196. bear same
  197. bear then the only item to finish is the speaker list, and we will be doing that later in the day
  198. bear let me send an email to the members list saying that so anyone can pipe up if they have something they are worried about
  199. Kev Fab.
  200. Kev It wasn't a case of needing a Board meeting to discuss anything, I just like to turn up whenever they are.
  201. bear nods
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  203. ralphm .
  204. stpeter .
  205. stpeter shall we chat here instead? ;-)
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  208. Tobias friday sounds way better...especially since i'll arrive friday morning :D
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  211. ralphm Tobias: bad planning
  212. Tobias ralphm, well...i have collisions with end semester exams on thursday
  213. ralphm sadness
  214. ralphm I missed 1 FOSDEM because of my master's thesis
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  216. Tobias ralphm, what was your master thesis about?
  217. ralphm Tobias: a research vehicle for streaming video with graceful degradation
  218. Tobias ah..interesting
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  220. ralphm http://alexandria.tue.nl/extra1/afstversl/wsk-i/meijer2004.pdf
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  223. ralphm stpeter, bear: as always, the deadline slipped. They want it before the 15th, with a hard deadline the 18th
  224. ralphm our room is H.2213
  225. bear thanks ralphm
  226. ralphm but you may still finish it today, of course :-)
  227. stpeter ralphm: I will certainly do so this week, anyway, but will endeavor to get it mostly stable this evening
  228. bear stpeter - if you get the list wrangled on the wiki - I will do the data entry
  229. stpeter bear: ok
  230. stpeter the data entry is the fun part :)
  231. bear haha - well, i'm not going to take away your fun - just figured that was a good split
  232. stpeter for sure
  233. stpeter will ping you later, time for another meeting here :)
  234. bear k
  235. ralphm stpeter: do you still have valid pentabarf credentials?
  236. ralphm (I do)
  237. stpeter ralphm: probably, but I need to check
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