XMPP Council - 2013-02-18

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  19. Tobias so any opinion from you guys on the XEP-0012 thing?
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  22. stpeter Tobias: not yet ;-)
  23. Tobias tztz :)
  24. stpeter Tobias: I need to work on a bunch of IETF stuff this week before the Internet-Draft submission deadline (not to mention lots of Cisco work!), so I might not have time for XEPs this week
  25. m&m I'm in the same situation as stpeter
  26. Tobias stpeter, there are other ppl who could give feedback :)
  27. m&m plus, the BOSH patches deadline of Friday (-:
  28. stpeter that reminds me, I need to start planning the aggsrv BoF, too
  29. stpeter yikes
  30. m&m bosh@xmpp.org was shut down, right?
  31. m&m (for new posts)
  32. Tobias stpeter, i've heard there's an IETF in germany this year :)
  33. m&m Summer session is in Berlin
  34. stpeter Tobias: yes
  35. stpeter m&m: yes
  36. stpeter http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo
  37. stpeter the only "special" lists now are jingle@ and iot@
  38. m&m grazé
  39. Tobias iot?
  40. Tobias nvm
  41. stpeter Internet of Things
  42. Tobias internet of things
  43. stpeter nod
  44. Tobias as if things other than things were connected to the internet
  45. stpeter heh :-)
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