XMPP Council - 2013-03-01

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  32. Tobias

    Kev, council minutes still coming?

  33. Kev

    Yes, sorry. It's on my todo - this week's been a bit manic, plus I was out of it ill for a couple of days.

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  36. Tobias

    k..just wanted to make sure it isn't forgotten

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  38. stpeter

    Tobias: based on http://logs.xmpp.org/council/130227/ I see no objections to publishing the two "last" specs as Experimental, but let me double-check

  39. Kanchil

    stpeter: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/130227/: Chatroom logs for council@muc.xmpp.org (Wednesday, February 27, 2013)

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  42. Tobias

    stpeter, that's what i've just counted too

  43. Tobias

    not that i'm biased or so :)

  44. m&m

    my recollection is such that no objections were raised to publishing

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