XMPP Council - 2013-03-27

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  34. Tobias council metting in 2h?
  35. Kev Yep.
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  37. Kev Ding.
  38. Tobias Dong.
  39. Tobias The witch is dead.
  40. Kev Oh no!
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  42. Kev I have poked the Ralph.
  43. Tobias ralph seems to be idle
  44. MattJ wonders what the time is
  45. MattJ and what time the meeting is
  46. Tobias hammer time
  47. Kev Bat time.
  48. MattJ Did the clocks change?
  49. Kev 1) Roll call.
  50. Kev I am here.
  51. Kev MattJ: Not in Europe yet.
  52. MattJ I'm also here
  53. Kev Although they will before the next meeting.
  54. Tobias As am I
  55. MattJ Ok, so my client is just lying to me
  56. Tobias MattJ, the night of this sat/sun
  57. Kev m&m?
  58. Kev Just the three of us then, by the look of it.
  59. Kev 2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sensor-network-provisioning.html Accept as Experimental?
  60. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sensor-network-provisioning.html: XEP-xxxx: XEP - Sensor Networks - Provisioning
  61. Tobias got till 3.12 but could tell you my comments so far
  62. Kev Go for it.
  63. Kev I'm at the not-blocking-but-bits-of-it-are-a-bit-weird stage.
  64. Tobias Editorial: - images in-line as SVG or Base64ed PNG - glossary could use definition list syntax instead of table Formal: - Example 1: 'get' and 'response' in node names is a bit redundant. The info is already available in the IQ-type. - Example 2..: Similiar redundant info in names. Isn't that important when compressed but still unclean in my opinion. Technical: - Out of scope probably: Are the sensor nodes use standard XMPP C2S connections over TCP/IP + TLS?
  65. Kev I was quite uneasy about building a new layer of identity over the top of XMPP, personally.
  66. Tobias you mean their authentication part?
  67. Kev Yeah.
  68. MattJ I need to read it more thorougly and post on-list, I have only been able to skim it
  69. Kev I found it very very hard going.
  70. MattJ Yes
  71. MattJ The question is whether it needs to be
  72. Kev But in any case - Tobias: Was that an opinion expressed, or going to be on list?
  73. MattJ I suspect not
  74. Kev MattJ: Yes, lots seems like it should be simplifiable.
  75. Kev Or more XMPPish.
  76. Tobias Kev, i'll probably reply on list when i've read it completely...seems more sensible at least
  77. Kev OK.
  78. Kev 3) Date of next meeting?
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  80. jabberjocke permission to speak?
  81. Tobias hi Peter Waher
  82. Kev Yeah, go for it.
  83. jabberjocke the work is very ongoing and we would
  84. jabberjocke like to have thorough discussions on the lists
  85. jabberjocke peters had alot of experiens in the sensor field
  86. jabberjocke so the provisioning "third party"
  87. Tobias that's good...because we probably have not so much :)
  88. jabberjocke is needed when using sensors from different suppliers and defineing who should
  89. jabberjocke descide ion the access
  90. jabberjocke simplification is most welcome
  91. Kev OK, thanks.
  92. MattJ I'll read it with that in mind when I read it, then :)
  93. jabberjocke (y)
  94. Kev I think there's lots of work that would benefit on the list (ideally in chunks small enough that they can be processed without setting aside hours at a time, as has happened before with big specs).
  95. jabberjocke throw questions any time
  96. Kev It's where the XMPP experts live :)
  97. Kev Ta.
  98. Kev So, I think we're on to 3) Next date?
  99. Kev SBTSBC?
  100. Tobias wfm
  101. MattJ wfm
  102. Kev 4) AOB?
  103. Tobias none here
  104. Kev MattJ: ?
  105. Kev I'll take that as a no :)
  106. Kev Right, so I think we're done.
  107. Kev Thanks all
  108. Kev bangs the gavel.
  109. m&m gadammit
  110. m&m ok, I'll review the notes, and respond accordingly
  111. MattJ No AOB
  112. Kev Ta.
  113. stpeter (sorry that I have been in a Cisco meeting this morning)
  114. stpeter people are expecting me to do internal work these days... ;-)
  115. MattJ stpeter, we need the apology from Cisco :)
  116. Tobias and a signed letter from your mom
  117. m&m heh
  118. m&m 2) no objections
  119. m&m 3) I am on holiday next week, so will not be able to make it
  120. m&m 4) irrelevant at this point
  121. Kev Would you like us to delay (3)?
  122. m&m I can respond on the list, if anything comes up next week
  123. m&m so, no, you don't need to delay on my part
  124. stpeter I'll review the log when I'm done here in ~15 minutes (I hope)
  125. Kev (I note that with the DST change, SBTSBC is different in UTC)
  126. Kev And that's super-efficient Council minutes out.
  127. Tobias i'll update the entry in the calendar
  128. Kev Ta.
  129. stpeter Kev: noted, you are a model for us all ;-)
  130. stpeter bbiaf
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