XMPP Council - 2013-04-03

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  20. Kev I've pre-emtively poked Ralph. I don't see other-Matt online.
  21. Tobias so as many as last time? :)
  22. dwd Other Matt is on holiday, is says in the backlog.
  23. Kev Ah, yes.
  24. dwd Assuming "Other" is meaning Miller, rather than Wild.
  25. Kev Ta.
  26. MattJ I'm here, and don't have an overlapping meeting for once!
  27. Tobias lucky ou
  28. Kev Well, it's time.
  29. Tobias *lucky you
  30. Kev Let's see if we can go this in under two minutes
  31. Kev 1) Roll call.
  32. Kev I'm here.
  33. MattJ If only all meeting chairs were as efficient as Kev
  34. Tobias here
  35. MattJ Here
  36. Kev 2) Date of next meeting.
  37. Kev SBTSBC?
  38. Tobias wfm
  39. MattJ +1
  40. Kev 3) AOB?
  41. Tobias none here
  42. MattJ None
  43. Kev We're done.
  44. Kev Thanks all!
  45. Kev bangs the gavel.
  46. Tobias thank you
  47. Zash :D
  48. MattJ I read some of sensors-thingy at the weekend, shall post to the list when I'm through
  49. MattJ I type too slow
  50. Zash Was 288 not LC'd?
  51. Tobias MattJ, what did you read?
  52. Kev MattJ: Ta. I owe another reply to Peter as well.
  53. dwd I see that as 53 seconds.
  54. dwd That could be a record.
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  56. MattJ Haha
  57. ralphm hi
  58. Kev Zash: It was, but I'm hoping someone else will have feedback.
  59. ralphm well, thanks all
  60. Kev We had only one reply.
  61. Kev ralphm: I think we can give you that one. Did you have AOB?
  62. dwd Oh, a heads-up - I'm digging out my google:queue XEP, somebody wanted it.
  63. Kev Jolly good.
  64. MattJ Does that mean I have to dig up my Prosody plugin for it that looked so simple but did weird things?
  65. dwd Probably. The spec is written in such a way as to allow very boring implementations.
  66. dwd As in, just removing flush calls.
  67. ralphm Kev: no AOB
  68. ralphm dwd: I think it'd be good to have something
  69. dwd ralphm, Quite, and I'm aware of one client and three server implementations, plus a further parallel private extension.
  70. dwd As in, some other place has implemented something similar but with a different name.
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  72. Tobias that reminds be to get my swiften android branch cleared up
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  74. stpeter arg
  75. MattJ Timezone? :)
  76. stpeter or is that spelled argh?
  77. stpeter traffic
  78. dwd stpeter, You missed 53 seconds of productivity in action.
  79. stpeter yikes!
  80. Kev I'm not sure it was productive, but it was at least efficient.
  81. stpeter heh
  82. stpeter time for 2.5 hours of conference calls here, bbl
  83. Kev Enjoy.
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