XMPP Council - 2013-04-24

  1. psa is hell-bent to actually be in attendance today :P

  2. psa


  3. Tobias


  4. Zash

    Is there a council meeting today?

  5. Tobias fetches a coffee before the meeting begins

  6. Zash

    great idea

  7. m&m

    Zash: Yes. Yes there is.

  8. Zash

    Missing calendar item?

  9. psa

    yeah we need to set it up as recurring

  10. psa looks at the ical spec

  11. Tobias


  12. m&m

    Ding ding dign

  13. m&m

    ding even

  14. m&m

    1) Roll Call

  15. Tobias

    psa, right...it somehow got dropped from my mind

  16. Tobias is there

  17. MattJ_


  18. m&m

    and I'm present

  19. m&m

    so there's at least quorum

  20. Tobias

    and there goes our quorum

  21. m&m

    I've pinged ralphm, but he's auto-away

  22. MattJ_

    I'm here :)

  23. m&m


  24. psa


  25. Tobias

    MattJ_, ahh...my prepping removes _

  26. MattJ


  27. m&m

    2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/rayo.html Accept as Experimental?

  28. Kanchil

    m&m: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/rayo.html: XEP-xxxx: Rayo

  29. MattJ

    What is it with all the loooong XEPs coming our way this term? :)

  30. m&m

    Yes, we did discuss this last week. No one has yet voiced a position

  31. m&m


  32. m&m

    apparently XMPP has hit the "mature" phase, and now people are doing "serious things" with it, or something (-:

  33. MattJ


  34. m&m

    anyway, I've no objections to rayo

  35. psa

    m&m: yeah

  36. Tobias

    i understand the need for such a protocol

  37. psa

    I talked with the Rayo guys at realtimeconf back in October, BTW

  38. Tobias

    no objections from my side

  39. m&m


  40. MattJ

    I'm still going to vote on list

  41. m&m

    note you now have a week

  42. MattJ

    Noted :)

  43. m&m

    3) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sensor-network-control.html Accept as Experimental?

  44. Kanchil

    m&m: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sensor-network-control.html: XEP-xxxx: Sensor Networks - Control

  45. MattJ

    Ditto for me

  46. Tobias

    wonder why type has to be explicitly specified, can't it be deduced from the name?

  47. psa

    gosh I have a lot of specs to catch up on, haven't even read the EXI one yet :(

  48. m&m

    Tobias: I can see why type cannot always be inferred, but part of me wonders if this could have been data forms

  49. m&m

    however, I've no objections to publishing it as experimental

  50. Tobias

    yeah...no objections to have it as experimental...at least then we have it under diff control

  51. psa nods to Tobias

  52. m&m

    and MattJ has one week to note on list

  53. m&m


  54. MattJ

    Noted :)

  55. m&m

    4) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sensor-network-concentrators.html Accept as Experimental?

  56. Kanchil

    m&m: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sensor-network-concentrators.html: XEP-xxxx: Sensor Networks - Concentrators

  57. MattJ

    ditto :)

  58. m&m

    no objections to being experimental from me

  59. Tobias

    none from me

  60. Tobias

    but i really think there's potential for abstractions (moving stuff out into smaller XEPs)

  61. m&m


  62. m&m pre-notes MattJ's note on noting he has a week to decide (-:

  63. m&m

    5) Date of Next Meeting

  64. m&m

    I think SBTSBC works for me

  65. Tobias

    sure...it's a holiday here but i'll probably have time

  66. m&m notes that MattJ cannot simply note this one (-:

  67. psa notes to Tobias that http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5545#section-3.3.10 is complicated

  68. Kanchil

    psa: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5545#section-3.3.10: RFC 5545 - Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)

  69. MattJ

    Next week is fine :)

  70. m&m

    alright … and maybe Tobias can add it to the calendar right now (-:

  71. Zash notes that psa's note is correctly noted

  72. m&m

    6) Any Other Business

  73. Tobias

    psa, indeed...that's probably why i drifted away from it....probably easier to just replicate the current set date in there + same day in the following X weeks :)

  74. psa


  75. m&m

    I take there is no other business?

  76. Tobias

    none here

  77. m&m

    Note that today is Passive-Aggressive Wednesday

  78. Tobias

    what's that?

  79. MattJ

    None here

  80. m&m

    Tobias: mostly a joke, but the day in my office we get particularly snarky at each other (-:

  81. m&m

    ok then

  82. m&m bangs gavel

  83. Tobias

    thanks m&m

  84. m&m

    Minutes will be delivered presently, such as they are

  85. psa

    Tobias: OK, I set up all the meetings for May in the calendar

  86. MattJ

    Thanks m&m :)

  87. m&m

    psa: yay!

  88. Tobias

    psa, manually?

  89. psa

    5 meetings in May

  90. Tobias

    okay...then i don't have to change the python script :)

  91. psa

    Tobias: yes, just separate events for now until we figure out recurrence

  92. Zash

    recurrence, but with exceptions ... the horror

  93. MattJ


  94. m&m


  95. m&m

    damn focus!

  96. m&m


  97. m&m

    could someone that oversees council@xmpp.org just delete the missive from mamille2@cisco.com? kthxbye

  98. psa


  99. m&m

    I like to pretend my XSF involvement is separated from my day job for some reason (-:

  100. psa

    can add that as an accept address

  101. m&m

    no, I would prefer it be quarantined

  102. psa

    actually it was automatically discarded, it seems

  103. m&m

    even better (-:

  104. psa

    heh ok

  105. psa

    time for a conference call here, bbiab

  106. m&m

    same here

  107. psa