XSF logo XMPP Council - 2013-05-08

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  11. Tobias anything important on the agenda for today?
  12. Kev The two proposals from yesterday.
  13. Tobias do we want to handle them this week or next? might be a bit close for today...
  14. Kev Today seems fine, we have two weeks to deal with them after the meeting.
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  25. m&m mea culpa
  26. m&m I will not be able to attend today
  27. m&m even if I appear online!
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  29. stpeter howdy
  30. Tobias hi
  31. stpeter brb
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  35. Kev m&m: Ta.
  36. Kev Right, it is time.
  37. Kev 1) Roll call.
  38. Kev I'm here.
  39. Tobias soami
  40. MattJ Me to
  41. MattJ o
  42. Kev I poked Ralph, and m&m's not here.
  43. stpeter "Harpier cries 'Tis time, 'tis time."
  44. Kev 2)http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/pubsub-subs.html Accept?
  45. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/pubsub-subs.html: XEP-xxxx: Pubsub Subscription
  46. Kev I didn't really get the whole 'id' thing in this.
  47. MattJ I think it's so you don't end up with duplicates, for example
  48. Kev And I'm not sure that the security considerations should have been copy/pasted from user tune :)
  49. MattJ or can easily check for the presence of an item in the list
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  51. MattJ The hash isn't correct, I checked :)
  52. MattJ It doesn't have a JID in it anyway
  53. Kev But, can't you easily check for the presence of an item in the list anyway?
  54. MattJ How?
  55. Zash http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#entity-subscriptions ← What about that format that already exists?
  56. Kanchil Zash: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#entity-subscriptions: XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe
  57. stpeter why not just use UUIDs?
  58. Kev Zash: It's a reasonable question - although I think the one-sub per item they're going for might be sensible.
  59. MattJ stpeter, well then you can let the server generate them for you... but that still lets you have duplicates of a subscription
  60. stpeter MattJ: ah, sure
  61. Kev MattJ: But won't you only have duplicates of a subscription if you put them there?
  62. Kev Or are you thinking of two clients with a race condition?
  63. MattJ With the hash, if I want to see if someone is subscribed to a node, I can just do a simple iq get for that item id
  64. MattJ Well two clients is a case it could easily happen
  65. stpeter given that we deferred most of the other "User *" specs for lack of interest years ago, I wonder what the compelling use cases are here...
  66. Kev stpeter: Presumably they have a use for it, and we don't judge community interest until going to Draft.
  67. Kev So I'm not opposing it.
  68. MattJ Me neither, it has some editorial work to be done, but I like it
  69. stpeter Kev: agreed, I was just curious
  70. Tobias i'm with MattJ here
  71. Kev 3) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/http-over-xmpp.html
  72. Kanchil Kev: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/http-over-xmpp.html: XEP-xxxx: HTTP over XMPP transport
  73. Kev I need to read this.
  74. Kev I'm assuming the ultimate aim is to do XMPP over BOSH over HTTP over XMPP over websockets?
  75. stpeter heehee
  76. Tobias yeah..who wouldn't want that...
  77. MattJ Heh
  78. stpeter probably it's to tunnel HTTP over XMPP-over-EXI
  79. stpeter for some reason :-)
  80. MattJ It reminded me of this part of an interview with jer: http://prosody.im/pastebin/95529bb1-b125-46ff-ab0e-526f78b4f176
  81. Tobias wouldn't shoving it through IBB be way easier?
  82. Kev To be entirely fair, I /can/ see situations in which HTTP over XMPP might be a sensible thing to do.
  83. MattJ ...in 2001
  84. stpeter now, I admit it would have been helpful for our friends in Cuba a few years ago
  85. Kev So I need to vote onlist for this.
  86. Kev Matt /Tobias?
  87. MattJ I'm +1, but as ever it needs some work :)
  88. Tobias i'll vote on list too, after i've read it
  89. Kev OK.
  90. MattJ My thought on it is that people are going to do it anyway, and it's best to spec it
  91. Kev 4) Date of next. I can't do next week. Week after?
  92. MattJ and this doesn't seem like a terrible solution
  93. MattJ Week after is fine
  94. Kev MattJ: I'm not opposed to the principle, but I've not read the spec at all, and I want to before voting.
  95. MattJ Yep, I understand :)
  96. Kev I'll take that as an OK from Tobias.
  97. Kev 5) Any other business?
  98. Tobias yeah..fine with me as long as it ends up in the calendar
  99. stpeter as to AOB, the http-over-xmpp proposal raised the issue of whether we can re-use SHIM headers
  100. Kev I also haven't read that thread.
  101. stpeter heh ok
  102. MattJ I've read the thread, but not the SHIM spec
  103. stpeter our resident literalist took issue with my suggestion
  104. MattJ :)
  105. stpeter Kev: no worries, we can discuss on the list
  106. stpeter maybe XEP-0131 was worded too narrowly
  107. Kev I don't have anything intelligent to say here, at least.
  108. stpeter shrugs
  109. stpeter yep, understood :-)
  110. MattJ stpeter, you speak in the past tense, but it's still Draft :)
  111. Kev Although, at a very high level, I'm not sure re-use of 131 buys very much if people don't implement 131 much :)
  112. Kev But anyway, I'll try to catch up and comment on list.
  113. stpeter was, is, has been, will be...
  114. stpeter yep
  115. MattJ What will be will be
  116. Kev OK, we're done then?
  117. Tobias i think so
  118. MattJ nods
  119. Kev Right, thanks all.
  120. Kev bangs the gavel.
  121. Tobias thanks you
  122. MattJ Thanks
  123. stpeter Tobias: shall I update the calendar to remove next week's meeting?
  124. Tobias will it annoy people too much when it's wrong? :)
  125. stpeter maybe I'll add some June meetings while I'm at it
  126. Tobias i don't care personally
  127. stpeter fixing it now
  128. stpeter hmm, lots of php5-cgi processes using memory on athena, will have to check into that
  129. stpeter er, lots of CPU
  130. Tobias wordpress :)
  131. stpeter it's evil
  132. Zash moar caching!
  133. Tobias less dynamic pages
  134. stpeter calendar updated
  135. Kev Ta.
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