XMPP Council - 2013-05-28

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  9. Tobias no council meeting tomorrow?
  10. Kev I believe we agreed that there would be, but that I'd potentially be late.
  12. Tobias is it mostly that spec we forgot to advance?
  13. Kev Yes.
  14. Tobias ok
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  16. Tobias m&m, there?
  17. m&m yes, now
  18. Tobias short question you might have an answer to: what's the current action in the xmpp wg? are we basically waiting for reviews/implementation feedback on the DNA (and its related docs)?
  19. m&m wrt DNA, yes
  20. Tobias the only other WG item is XMPP address format-bis if i see correctly
  21. m&m e2e
  22. m&m addressing, DNA, E2E
  23. m&m E2E is pending output from JOSE
  24. Tobias yeah..i saw that on the ML but i don't see it under active items
  25. Tobias POSH also requires JOSE, not?
  26. m&m it hasn't been accepted as a WG .. yet
  27. Tobias ahh..ok
  28. m&m POSH does, although the dependency there is rather minor
  29. Tobias totally fogot about E2E...so many ways to do it
  30. Tobias *forgot
  31. m&m (-:
  32. m&m and all of them are broken in various different aspects
  33. Tobias hooray
  34. Tobias m&m, minutes of the last session doesn't include anything JOSE related...on what exactly are we wainting there?
  35. m&m pretty much all of JOSE's items … given draft-miller-xmpp-e2e is dependent on JWK, JWE, and JWS (which in turn are dependent on JWA)
  36. m&m that missing from the notes probably has more to do with the XMPP session being the last hour of the last day of a 6-day schedule
  37. m&m you get kind of punchy at the end (-:
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  40. Tobias ahh..thanks for the clarification
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  42. Lance m&m: ready to last call carbons? Adium/pidgin finally added support for it for the next release
  43. m&m yay!
  44. m&m and I think so ...
  45. Lance 297 should advance today, so might was well start lc
  46. m&m not today … tomorrow
  47. m&m (-:
  48. Lance ah
  49. m&m the meeting is tomorrow
  50. Lance oi, my mental time is messed up
  51. m&m (-:
  52. m&m Holidays can do that to you
  53. Kev Did people send the feedback they promised on 297? I've not checked yet.
  54. Lance Kev: I did
  55. MattJ Yes
  56. Kev Coo.l
  57. m&m I did also
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  60. Tobias Lance, who implemented carbons for libpurple?
  61. Lance xnyhps
  62. MattJ Tobias, xnyhps I think?
  63. Lance he showed off the commits in the prosody room a few days ago
  64. Tobias nice
  65. Tobias i should update my idle / last-online specs and poke him to implement those too...they are quite small
  66. Lance MattJ you know that MAM technically ought to be marked deferred now, right? If you need help tidying up the latest draft so it can published, let me know
  67. MattJ Lance, it would be really helpful if you, Zash and myself could discuss it at some point
  68. Lance ok
  69. MattJ Your RSM patch clears one of my outstanding issues
  70. Lance when would be a good time?
  71. MattJ What timezone are you in?
  72. Lance US West coast. -07:00
  73. MattJ Worst possible then :)
  74. MattJ How are you for weekends?
  75. Lance of course
  76. Lance weekends are good
  77. MattJ This weekend isn't good for me, but next should be fine
  78. MattJ What's the best email address for you?
  79. Lance lancestout@gmail.com
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  93. Kev I'm fairly interested in MAM.
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