XMPP Council - 2013-06-05

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  19. Kev Sorry that I've not sent out an agenda yet - I'm still halfway through writing my reply to last week's minutes.
  20. Kev Do we have anything on the agenda for later?
  21. Kev I haven't /noticed/ any new protoXEPs.
  22. m&m not that I recall
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  25. m&m I have an overlapping meeting, so apologies for non-attendance
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  27. stpeter greetings
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  29. ralphm aloha
  30. Tobias hi
  31. Kev And through the door!
  32. Kev Oh, hrmm. Where'd my message go?
  33. Kev Ah, superlag.
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  35. Kev So.
  36. Kev 1) Roll call
  37. stpeter heh
  38. Tobias here
  39. MattJ Here
  40. Kev m&m Is both here and not here, with apologies.
  41. Kev It's a good trick.
  42. stpeter :)
  43. Kev Do we actually have anything to discuss here, other than next meeting?
  44. Kev I didn't notice any protoXEP.
  45. m&m yes, sort of here, with sort of apologies
  46. Tobias i think not...there some outstanding votes but i'm working on my part of it
  47. stpeter Tobias: thanks!
  48. Kev Yeah, I got halfway through my actions from last week before the draft got saved and I had to do other stuff.
  49. stpeter I finally caught up with all the last calls last night
  50. Kev stpeter: I've not read any of these.
  51. ralphm hehe
  52. Kev I'd hoped to do my own implementation of 220, on the basis that it's a fairly important one to get right, but that's clearly not going to happen this millenium.
  53. ralphm :-(
  54. Kev Although when I read it it made sense.
  55. Kev So, no actions this week?
  56. Kev stpeter: Do we have a bunch of LCs to vote on next week, then?
  57. stpeter Kev: well, I was way behind on LC comments
  58. Kev Well, can sort that out for next week anyway.
  59. stpeter right
  60. Kev 2) Date of next meeting.
  61. Kev SBTSBC is fine for me.
  62. MattJ nwwfm
  63. ralphm +1
  64. Tobias i won't be available next week, since i'm on a conference in budapest
  65. Kev Fun.
  66. Tobias Kev, oh yeah
  67. ralphm which one?
  68. Kev Happy for us to continue without you, or will it interfere with voting on list too?
  69. Kev There's more than one Budapest?
  70. Tobias ralphm, http://ieee-icc.org
  71. Tobias Kev, happy to do my voting on list
  72. Kev Cool.
  73. Kev Thanks.
  74. Kev 3) AOB
  75. stpeter nothing here
  76. Kev Marvellous.
  77. Kev Thanks all!
  78. Kev bangs the gavel
  79. stpeter love those fast meeting!
  80. stpeter +s
  81. stpeter :)
  82. Tobias heh
  83. ralphm Tobias: is IoT a topic there?
  84. Tobias ralphm, somewhere sure...there are about 700-800 talks in 3 days :)
  85. stpeter ralphm: probably
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