XMPP Council - 2013-07-17

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  11. Tobias howdy
  12. Tobias what's on the agenda for today, if any?
  13. Kev Mostly me trying to find time for stuff in amongst working on the j.org upgrade.
  14. Kev I don't think we have any protoXEPs on which to vote, so unless I've missed a last call ending or such, it'll be a quick meeting.
  15. Tobias http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0276.html expired...maybe we should send out a reminder mail a month before this happens to the authors :D
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  38. stpeter good morning!
  39. m&m oy
  40. stpeter Tobias: yeah, sometimes I send out those warning but mostly I don't
  41. m&m we that this today, don't we?
  42. stpeter having trouble parsing that sentence :-)
  43. m&m "we have this today, don't we"
  44. stpeter ah, ok :-)
  45. ralphm waves
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  47. ralphm in half an hour, we'll do a Jingle thing. I'm guessing in jingle@muc.xmpp.org
  48. MattJ Thanks for the reminder
  49. stpeter do we have jingle@muc.xmpp.org ?
  50. ralphm yeah
  51. m&m noted, although I don't know that I'll be making it
  52. Tobias xmpp:jingle@muc.xmpp.org?join
  53. Tobias doesn't work in swift that link :/
  54. stpeter ooh, disincarnate messages :-)
  55. Kev One minute. Long enough to grab water.
  56. MattJ Why didn't the <message> go to the ball?
  57. Kev Right.
  58. Kev I think we have nothing on the agenda today, so this should be quickish.
  59. Kev 1) Roll call
  60. ralphm here
  61. MattJ Here
  62. m&m presente
  63. Kev Tobias?
  64. Tobias here
  65. Kev Fab.
  66. Kev Did we have any votingish items that I missed this week?
  67. Kev Sorry I didn't send out a non-agenda. Blame jabber.org
  68. m&m not that I recall
  69. MattJ The admins? The hardware? The software? The users?
  70. ralphm jabber.org is not an XSF activity :-)
  71. Kev MattJ: Yes.
  72. MattJ I don't think we have anything to vote on
  73. Kev ralphm: I didn't claim it was.
  74. stpeter ralphm: indeed!
  75. Kev OK, if nothing to discuss.
  76. Kev 2) Date of next.
  77. ralphm Kev: just stating a random fact
  78. Kev SBTSBC?
  79. ralphm +1
  80. m&m yes … ?
  81. Kev And can I order an end to this awful weather before next week, please?
  82. Tobias +1
  83. m&m yes
  84. ralphm Kev: touch luck, I think
  85. ralphm tough
  86. Kev Blah.
  87. Kev OK.
  88. Kev 3) AOB?
  89. stpeter :)
  90. MattJ None here
  91. m&m nay
  92. ralphm Even though it is not strictly a Council matter, we need to start organizing XMPP Summit in Portland. Anyone planning to be there?
  93. MattJ Kev, +1 to the weather :(
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  95. MattJ I'm planning to be there
  96. ralphm too
  97. stpeter ralphm: I was thinking about that just yesterday
  98. Dave Cridland I'm hoping to be there too, if only so I can wander around that bookshop again. :-)
  99. stpeter I've started to look into meeting venues (preferably not another damn hotel, maybe a co-working space or some kind)
  100. ralphm heh
  101. ralphm stpeter: have you checked with &yet if they have suggestions?
  102. stpeter s/or/of/
  103. Kev I have no idea if I'll be travelling or not.
  104. stpeter yes, haven't heard back -- I need to ping someone else there, I think :-)
  105. ralphm ok, guess that's it, Kev
  106. Kev Marvellous.
  107. Kev Thanks all.
  108. Kev bangs the gavel
  109. m&m gracias
  110. Tobias ta
  111. ralphm xmpp:jingle@muc.xmpp.org?join
  112. Dave Cridland Indeed.
  113. ralphm starting in 12min
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