XMPP Council - 2013-09-04

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  19. Tobias what's the agenda for todays meeting?
  20. Kev I haven't seen any new items. Unless I missed some.
  21. Kev I haven't got as far as last week's minutes yet. Nor the week before's.
  22. Tobias ok
  23. Kev I need a holiday.
  24. Tobias RECOMMENDED is qual to SHOULD, right?
  25. Kev Yes.
  26. Kev Right. That's minutes done, at least.
  27. MattJ I'm heading out, I should be back before the meeting, but if I'm not then I might be late. If I'm not late and don't make it at all then consider this a provisional apology :)
  28. Kev Righty.
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  32. Kev How are people's reviews of 301 coming along? :)
  33. m&m not /-:
  34. Kev You should. It's a blast.
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  37. Tobias Kev, about 70% through
  38. Kev Lovely :)
  39. MattJ (I'm back by the way)
  40. MattJ I want to implement 301
  41. Kev In the server?
  42. MattJ Verse
  43. MattJ The PDF version is 43 pages!!!
  44. Kev Remember that I've reviewed this many many times by now.
  45. Kev You're getting off lightly :p
  46. Tobias MattJ, last 3rd is just usecase/examples :)
  47. stpeter howdy
  48. stpeter yes, Kev provided lots of reviews on 301!
  49. Kev Harpier cries "'tis time, 'tis time"
  50. Kev 1) Roll call.
  51. Kev I'm here
  52. m&m presente
  53. Tobias here
  54. Kev I have poked Ralph.
  55. MattJ Here
  56. Kev I don't think we have any voting items this meeting.
  57. Kev stpeter: Were you able to persuade anyone that they should comment on reachability?
  58. stpeter Kev: ah, that fell through the cracks
  59. stpeter will do now
  60. Kev Ta muchly.
  61. Kev Did I miss any voting items?
  62. Kev I have votes ready for several of the draft things, which I'll send to list.
  63. m&m not that I can think of
  64. stpeter I think not
  65. stpeter fippo and I did update XEP-0220
  66. Kev I'm hoping other people will complete their 301 reviews and save me doing a full review again :)
  67. Kev On which topic, I'm starting to just give in just to get it over with.
  68. stpeter I'll revew 301 again, too -- I've reviewed it only twice, not umpteen times like Kev ;-)
  69. Kev Hopefully someone else has more energy and can see if it's ready and avoid me having to send my jaded views.
  70. stpeter yes, fresh eyes will be helpful
  71. Kev One of their responses that I didn't think the normatives were right was to change a SHOULD to a RECOMMENDED.
  72. stpeter heh
  73. stpeter yeah
  74. m&m ....
  75. Kev And I don't really think SHOULD NOT is strong enough for not spamming someone when they've not confirmed support yet.
  76. m&m at least a couple of us will review
  77. m&m really! (-:
  78. Kev I know they're keen to be allowed to just send RTT all the time to everyone because it's important to them, but I'm somewhat concerned that the reaction if that starts happening much is just to configure servers to block the payloads.
  79. stpeter um, yeah
  80. MattJ +1
  81. m&m it's happened before
  82. Tobias m&m, with what?
  83. m&m there were some private servers I'm aware of that preventing disco to user accounts
  84. Kev Anyway, I'm rambling.
  85. m&m (before caps)
  86. Tobias ah..ok
  87. m&m and IBB has been prevented on some networks occasionally
  88. Kev Next week is bad for me, but y'all can meet without me if you like.
  89. m&m works for me
  90. MattJ +1
  91. Tobias +1
  92. Kev I'd be very grateful if someone else would like to volunteer to write up minutes for this. I'm running at ~= mental capacity at the moment.
  93. m&m sure, why not
  94. m&m (-
  95. Kev Thanks.
  96. Kev Any other business?
  97. Kev Is everyone intending re-running next year, or anyone having a rest (which sounds quite appealing right now)?
  98. stpeter is the Jingle team going to come up with any recommendations? I suppose I'll poke that list...
  99. MattJ Kev, I'm running, and I'm going to encourage a number of others too as well
  100. Kev I don't know. We explicitly moved that away from being a Council responsibility because we didn't have time, I think :)
  101. stpeter Kev: :-)
  102. Tobias Kev, i'll probably too
  103. m&m haven't decided
  104. stpeter I'm always in favor of new faces / nicks
  105. m&m /nod
  106. Kev I'm undecided, partly because I think new blood is healthy, and partly because having applications while I'm exhausted isn't encouraging :)
  107. m&m as far as current actions … I'm not sure I'd be able to get through the entire list of votes before the fortnight is up
  108. stpeter Kev: I think you deserve a rest
  109. Kev OK, AOB: Extending voting period on votes to draft for an extra week.
  110. Kev +1
  111. stpeter :)
  112. m&m +1
  113. m&m it's going to take a week just for −301 (-:
  114. Kev Two days, usually, for me.
  115. Kev MattJ / Tobias: ?
  116. Tobias sure
  117. Kev That's a majority, good enough.
  118. m&m that moves the vote deadline to 2013-09-18
  119. Kev m&m: That enough for you?
  120. MattJ +1
  121. m&m adds a plethora of TODOs
  122. m&m I think so, yes
  123. Kev Marv.
  124. Kev OK, AOAOB?
  125. m&m for the XMPP-WG
  126. m&m note that draft-moffitt-xmpp-websocket is to be an official WG item
  127. MattJ Good to see websockets moving :)
  128. m&m so, get those comments in!
  129. stpeter yes, I need to provide more comments on that one
  130. Kev m&m: I'd like to review and comment on this, but I don't think anyone should expect me to realisticallyget to it.
  131. m&m completely understand
  132. m&m as long as some of us here get through it
  133. Kev Ta.
  134. Kev OK, I think that's us done?
  135. m&m yes
  136. stpeter stupidly committed to reviewing http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-mmusic-rfc2326bis-35 -- all 320 pages (!)
  137. Kanchil stpeter: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-mmusic-rfc2326bis-35: draft-ietf-mmusic-rfc2326bis-35 - Real Time Streaming Protocol 2.0 (RTSP)
  138. MattJ Oops
  139. m&m ouch
  140. stpeter I might need to retire from the AppsDir at the IETF
  141. Kev stpeter: That was foolish.
  142. Kev Commiserations.
  143. m&m stpeter: isn't mmusic RAI?
  144. stpeter oh and BTW the PRECIS specs are in Working Group Last Call
  145. Kev Another 'should review but can't find time'.
  146. stpeter yep
  147. Kev OK, I think we're really done now :)
  148. stpeter indeed
  149. stpeter packs up to drive to the office
  150. Kev Thanks all.
  151. Kev bangs the gavel.
  152. Tobias thanks
  153. MattJ Thanks
  154. m&m gracias
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