XMPP Council - 2013-09-24

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  23. Kev

    Ah. I now realise my comment about grammar made no sense, because Matt's comments weren't sent to the list.

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  44. Kev

    I don't see anything for The Agenda this week. Does anyone else?

  45. Tobias

    any remaining votes or so?

  46. m&m

    I think the votes are pending updates from various authors

  47. m&m glances at MattJ

  48. m&m

    rumor has it a new revision of RTT is imminent

  49. Kev

    Ah, yes. forwarding is ready for another vote, Matt's published the update I believe.

  50. Kev

    Good catch.

  51. MattJ

    Yes, I have votes outstanding - should get to them tomorrow morning

  52. Kev

    MattJ: The votes that were due last Wednesday? :)

  53. m&m


  54. m&m


  55. m&m


  56. Kev

    After an extension of a week? :)

  57. MattJ


  58. MattJ

    Which of those did I miss?

  59. m&m

    the votes were originally due two weeks ago (-:

  60. Kev

    Ah, you voted on them, did you? I missed that.

  61. MattJ

    I'm talking about last week's votes, where I was present-but-not for the meeting

  62. Kev

    Those weren't last week's votes.

  63. MattJ

    If I missed any from before that, sorry, I thought I was caught up

  64. Kev

    Those were us voting at the last minute on things that were due last Wednesday.

  65. MattJ pulls up the minutes

  66. m&m

    XEPs −152, −220, −288, −297, and −301

  67. Kev

    I think I even wrote in the minutes that they were outstanding votes :)

  68. MattJ

    My mistake then, somehow I didn't realise 152, 220 and 288 were outstanding

  69. m&m

    -152 is really waiting on someone other than Lance to say they're interested in it

  70. m&m

    s/other than/in addition to/

  71. Kev

    MattJ: Still seems worth you voting now if Peter hasn't tallied votes yet.

  72. Lance

    uh huh. I saw that m&m

  73. m&m

    I corrected myself (-:

  74. Kev

    m&m: Well, interested and fit for purpose.

  75. MattJ

    Right, so that's why I didn't consider 152 outstanding

  76. MattJ

    220 I thought LC feedback was awaiting incorporation

  77. m&m

    so what's your excuse for −220 and −288? (-:

  78. MattJ

    288... no idea :/

  79. MattJ

    I diagnose myself with partial amnesia

  80. m&m

    I thought −220 was updated a while ago with that feedback

  81. Kev

    I thought feedback had now been incorporated.

  82. m&m

    Version 0.15 (2013-08-27) Addressed last Call feedback and made editorial improvements (psa/ph)

  83. m&m

    were there other comments that hadn't been addressed yet>

  84. m&m


  85. MattJ

    Not that I know of

  86. MattJ


  87. MattJ

    Going over old meeting logs and refreshing my memory

  88. Kev


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