XMPP Council - 2013-10-02

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  37. stpeter wanders off briefly to find a better place to sit, bbiaf
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  43. stpeter ah nice, I found a room called "Solace" :-)
  44. ralphm :-D
  45. m&m T - 5 minutes
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  47. Kev And ding.
  48. Kev 1) Roll call.
  49. Kev I'm here!
  50. Tobias too
  51. m&m presente
  52. Tobias invited mattj
  53. Kev Tobias: By just dragging him to the window? :)
  54. ralphm here
  55. Tobias Kev, how else would one do it? :)
  56. Kev Right.
  57. Kev But in his absence...
  58. Kev 2) XEP-0301. Move to Draft?
  59. Kev I think everyone's comments have now been addressed and this needs a revote.
  60. Kev And I need to give it a re-read first.
  61. stpeter it's the re-XEP -- review, revise, repost, reread
  62. m&m I did re-read, and I'm +1
  63. Kev Excellent.
  64. Tobias i'm +1 too, my issue got addressed
  65. m&m I'm not going to nit any further; I'll send the list to the XEP editor
  66. m&m things like using typographer's quotes
  67. Kev m&m: Requiring them to change the English grammar for American was just harsh :p
  68. m&m super ultra mega minor
  69. m&m ASCII should have been good enough for everyone! (-:
  70. stpeter yeah I can clean up some of the minor issues
  71. Kev ralphm: ?
  72. ralphm Yeah, it looks good to me. +1
  73. Kev Fab.
  74. Kev I think that was our only voting item.
  75. Kev 3) Date of next.
  76. m&m SBTSBC WFM
  77. Kev Excellent.
  78. stpeter updates http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/twelfth-council/ in real time
  79. Kanchil stpeter: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/twelfth-council/: Twelfth Council – The XMPP Standards Foundation
  80. Kev 4) AOB.
  81. Tobias wfm
  82. stpeter OB
  83. Kev I have an outstanding +1 from 297, which I'll leave here.
  84. m&m the Council and Board nominees are still light
  85. stpeter Kev: you are +1 on 297?
  86. Kev stpeter: Yes.
  87. stpeter Tobias: did you vote on 220?
  88. Tobias i'll add mine till the end of the week
  89. Tobias stpeter, didn't i reply on list?
  90. stpeter Tobias: maybe I missed it
  91. Kev Matt and Tobias both said they were intending standing for Council and haven't yet.
  92. Kev I don't recall, but I think Ralph said the same?
  93. ralphm yes
  94. m&m Lance still hasn't completed the form (-:
  95. m&m notes to pester him again
  96. Tobias stpeter, you even replied to the mail :)
  97. stpeter Tobias: ouch
  98. Tobias but you probably replied to a lot mails that day
  99. Tobias :)
  100. stpeter ah, i see, yes
  101. stpeter n/m then
  102. Kev m&m: Were you suggesting there's something Council needs to do about the lists standing?
  103. m&m just make sure you fill out your nomination if you're running again
  104. m&m proxy voting starts in less than a fortnight!
  105. ralphm m&m: come on man, I still have 12 days!
  106. Kev OK. AOAOB?
  107. ralphm m&m: keeping things exciting
  108. stpeter voting tally updated again, will process those documents today
  109. m&m stpeter: thank you
  110. Kev stpeter: Thanks.
  111. stpeter sure thing
  112. Kev OK, we're done then?
  113. Kev Thanks all.
  114. stpeter seems so
  115. Kev bangs the gavel.
  116. m&m ciao
  117. Tobias adiós
  118. stpeter processes XEPs before his next conference call
  119. ralphm thanks!
  120. ralphm houdoe!
  121. stpeter Tobias: actually, I had advanced XEP-0220 but neglected to update the tally page ;-)
  122. stpeter I still don't know why I'm an author in 297 :P
  123. Kev I guess Matt added you.
  124. stpeter I guess I might remove myself ;-)
  125. Tobias hehe
  126. Kev stpeter: You're an author because you added yourself in version 0.5, commit 67282456 :)
  127. Kev Although I suspect the diff was Matt's, given the changelog.
  128. stpeter nod
  129. stpeter I wrote the schema
  130. stpeter but that's trivial
  131. Kev stpeter: If you /want/ to, you can fake other people's authorship of commits in Git.
  132. Kev So if people send you a patch, but you have to apply it, you can do so in their name.
  133. stpeter true, although I could fake a lot of stuff if I wanted to
  134. Kev I meant that this might be a useful thing to fake :)
  135. stpeter actually XEP-0297 is missing the registrar section
  136. stpeter adds
  137. ralphm Kev: but wait, git has a feature that makes it possible to differentiate between author and committer. No need to fake.
  138. Kev ralphm: I don't think you're addressing the use case that I was suggesting.
  139. Kev The problem isn't knowing that it was Peter who pushed other people's Git patches. It's knowing who sent the diff when Peter has to apply a diff and create a git commit from it.
  140. Kev (Because people send Peter diffs, rather than the result of git format-patch)
  141. Kev If people send git format-patch, then all is well with the world.
  142. ralphm Kev: git commit --author
  143. Kev Indeed. Which is the faking of the author of a commit that I was suggesting Peter does.
  144. Kev It would have been quicker to say "I agree with Kev" :D
  145. ralphm that's not faking, that's setting the metadata properly
  146. ralphm see what I object to?
  147. ralphm you call it faking, I am saying this feature was explicitly created for this use case
  148. Kev Yes. You're agreeing with me, but arguing with the words I used to express the opinion you agree with :D
  149. ralphm Kev: yeah, that's what I do.
  150. ralphm Kev: should sound familiar :-D
  151. Kev As long as we're agreed on that.
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