XMPP Council - 2013-11-19

  1. Kev

    fippo: So did you want a discussion of 300/320 tomorrow?

  2. fippo

    kev: yes please

  3. Kev

    What do you want discussed? :)

  4. fippo

    even though in another way than i expected

  5. fippo

    matt miller suggested we might change 0300 instead of 0320

  6. fippo

    but actually that is something for the authors, not council

  7. Kev

    So is that a yes or a no? :)

  8. fippo

    i think "no". expect to be pestered in your role as 0300 author though

  9. fippo

    lance: I think kev wanted 0300-vs-0320 as (1) but then i change my mind

  10. Kev


  11. Kev


  12. Kev

    No, 1 is Roll Call.

  13. Lance

    ah, ok. that makes sense now

  14. Kev

    But thanks for the event logging poke, I missed that one.

  15. Tobias

    when is our meeting tomorrow?

  16. Kev


  17. Tobias


  18. Kev


  19. Tobias

    i'll add it to the calendar..bit late but worth a try

  20. stpeter

    we need to add the Board meeting too

  21. Tobias

    didn't dave add that already?

  22. stpeter checks

  23. stpeter

    yes he did

  24. Kev

    fippo: Just for the sake of clarity, you're no longer pushing for us to LC 300? This was one of the things I noted in the last meeting.