XMPP Council - 2013-11-27

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  21. fippo are there diffs for the 0124 and 0206 changes?
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  23. fippo the template needs an update to use &LEGALNOTICE;
  24. Kev fippo: http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/
  25. fippo thanks kev
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  30. Kev So Event Logging's off the agenda, if it's not been updated, presumably.
  31. Tobias is just working through last meetings agenda :)
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  33. Tobias regarding rayo-fax, isn't sending and receiving facsimile via bare HTTP kind of insecure? how can you be sure you've got the right document?
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  35. Tobias are the changes to XEP-0206 really just the remove of references to RFC 3920?
  36. Lance Tobias: yeah, all of the substantive fixes are in 124
  37. Tobias ok..thx
  38. Kev Is it only me who thinks dynamic-forms is a little like 301 for 004?
  39. Lance heh, that's a pretty good comparison
  40. Kev The note beneath example 3 is a bit wonky, it seems to be mandating the tab order in the UI.
  41. Lance i like the idea of dynamic forms, but i think the xml bits as defined are too messy
  42. Kev Do we habitually only show payloads without the wrapping stanzas anywhere else?
  43. Lance yes, we do that sometimes
  44. Lance the PEP ones in particular
  45. Lance but that's in an explicit data format section
  46. fippo kev: 0167 does that as well
  47. fippo in an "application format" section
  48. Kev OK, ta.
  49. Kev Hmm, errors with type='result' is a bit odd.
  50. Kev I was hoping to get everything reviewed in 2 hours. It's nearly been one, and I'm still on dynamic forms.
  51. fippo ah... i'll have to vote on-list then :-/
  52. fippo at least for that item
  53. Kev I'm not convinced about some bits of this, not enough to block Experimental, I think, but I think it'd need rework before Draft.
  54. Lance what would block experimental, in general?
  55. Kev I'd generally block Experimental if something was clearly broken, or conflicted with existing specs.
  56. Kev I really want some chocolate before Council. Who wants to provide some? :)
  57. Lance yay, winfried reviewed the bosh updates
  58. Tobias the wizard stuff reminds me of the horror of adjusting to QWizards strange innards :)
  59. fippo "Patches to XEP-0206 only delete refs, without replacing them" sounds like he used the diff tool
  60. Tobias fippo, yeah...it seems to have problems with out cites
  61. Tobias Kev, how does it mandate tab ordering?
  62. Tobias you mean "should wait for the response before deciding which control is the next control to go to."?
  63. Kev Yes.
  64. Tobias it'd be doable...but what if the user just clicks on a another field...but yeah...it's not such nice of an experience
  65. Kev But why should it be doing this?
  66. Tobias probably preventing navigation to a field that a server-pushed update is removing
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  70. fippo we start in 19 minutes, right?
  71. Tobias yup
  72. fippo drives home. will be back in time
  73. Lance For reference, here's the patch for 124 I missed when collecting them all: http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2013-February/027118.html
  74. Kev Does that mean we're not advancing 124 today?
  75. Lance I think so
  76. Lance :/
  77. Lance But keep it on the agenda to bring up any issues that have been found so far
  78. Kev And I'm finished reviewing stuff with 8 minutes to spare. Go me.
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  80. Kev And it's timee
  81. Kev 1) Roll call
  82. Lance here
  83. Kev (I've poked Matt)
  84. fippo here
  85. Tobias here
  86. Tobias Kev, both?
  87. Kev Both?
  88. Tobias nvm
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  90. Kev 2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0124-1.11.html
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  92. Tobias mattm isn't on the council anymore :)
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  94. Kev Lance still has pending changes before publishing 1.11, but are there any objections to what's there so far?
  95. MattJ I'm going to vote on BOSH on-list, I likely have quite a bit of feedback (I already pointed out one issue with the new doc)
  96. Tobias http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0124/diff/1.10/vs/1.11rc1#added-diff-15 <--space separated -> comma-separated is it just fixing the documentation or is it implemented in both ways out there?
  97. MattJ But I may not object if the remainder isn't serious
  98. MattJ But stpeter said he would put up a new version
  99. MattJ (iirc)
  100. Kev Fippo?
  101. fippo looked good to me so far
  102. Lance Tobias: the text used to say space, but the example used commas
  103. Kev 3) http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0206-1.4.html
  104. Tobias Lance, ahh..okay..and out there it's implemented with commas
  105. Tobias i'm +1 on 206
  106. fippo i'm +1 too
  107. Kev I'm +1
  108. Lance +1 for 206
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  110. Kev MattJ?
  111. MattJ One sec, checking my notes
  112. Kev Oh, right, on list for this too, I guess.
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  114. Kev Or not :)
  115. MattJ +1 on this
  116. Kev 4) http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0156-1.1.html
  117. Kev Anyone? I'm +1
  118. Tobias +1
  119. Lance +1
  120. MattJ +1
  121. fippo yeah... i had a nit but poked lance
  122. fippo which resolved it so +1
  123. Kev Ta.
  124. Kev 5) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/dynamic-forms.html
  125. Lance i have reservations with how this one is defined
  126. fippo i'll vote on list, no time to review it yet
  127. Lance not enough to block experimental, but it would need significant reworking
  128. ralphm Lance: agreed
  129. Kev I'm not blocking Experimental, although I think it needs work.
  130. Tobias i like the general idea and what possibilites it enables, although we don't want to enforce to much constraints on the UI
  131. MattJ I'm +1 for experimental
  132. Kev Tobias: What's that in terms of block or not?
  133. Tobias i'm okay with accepting it as experimental...but before it goes to draft this should be taken care of, at least discussed in the XEP
  134. Kev OK.
  135. Kev The new eventlogging was on the agenda, but that's not been published yet so it'll have to wait.
  136. Kev 6) Date of next.
  137. Kev I'm not able to make next week, so up to everyone else if you meet without me.
  138. MattJ I'm ok for next week
  139. Lance checks calendar
  140. Lance oh, i won't be able to make next week either
  141. Dave Cridland stripes calendar
  142. Kev Meetings usually get a little eratic around Christmas.
  143. Kev +spelling
  144. fippo next week works for me, the week after that likely doesn't
  145. Kev Tobias?
  146. MattJ I can make both weeks
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  148. Tobias both works
  149. Dave Cridland ETOOMANYTOBIAS
  150. Kev Ok, so Tobias, Matt, Fippo want to meet just the three of you?
  151. Kev Just +1/-1 for the sake of ease, please.
  152. Tobias i broke key input on mac by enabling assistive technologies
  153. MattJ -1, I don't see an urgency
  154. fippo -1, if something comes up we can still coordinate quick enough
  155. Kev (This is taking longer than any of the real items!)
  156. ralphm Just schedule all weeks. If no quorum, defer.
  157. MattJ It's a complex issue
  158. Kev OK, good enough. Shall we meet the following week, then?
  159. MattJ +1
  160. Lance +1
  161. Dave Cridland ralphm, Ha! Back in our day [etc]
  162. Tobias +1
  163. Kev ralphm: Planning to not have quorum seems ill-advisable.
  164. Kev 7) AOB?
  165. MattJ ralphm, Dave Cridland: Don't you have a video call to attend to? ;)
  166. fippo ben langfield updated the nits in the rayo-cpa and -fax btw
  167. MattJ Kev, none here
  168. winfried Can I drop in a bit?
  169. Tobias none XSF related from me
  170. Kev winfried: Sure.
  171. ralphm Kev: Good, I'm not advising you plan to not have quorum.
  172. winfried I checked the XEP-0124 and XEP-0206 changes against te lists we made at FOSDEM
  173. winfried there are still some patches misssing and some (minor) issues with the patches
  174. winfried (sorry for doing this so late)
  175. MattJ winfried, can you post to the list?
  176. ralphm winfried: you should post that to the list
  177. MattJ Since I'm to do the same anyway
  178. Dave Cridland He has.
  179. fippo he did.
  180. Kev winfried already has :)
  181. MattJ Oh :P
  182. ralphm yay
  183. MattJ Well I'll take a look then, must have missed it
  184. Kev Only just before Council.
  185. Lance that's why I asked for 124 to be postponed for me to correct those
  186. winfried yep...
  187. Kev winfried: Anything to discuss here? We delayed 124 anyway.
  188. MattJ Got it
  189. Dave Cridland winfried, Is there any sense if putting through this update and then adding the open issues later?
  190. Dave Cridland winfried, Perfect being the enemy of good, and all that.
  191. winfried the missing patch of M&M better should be incorporated
  192. winfried other updates can be done later
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  194. winfried (maybe better even)
  195. Kev This can all happen on list, yes? There's no Council actions here.
  196. winfried OK
  197. Kev Marvellous.
  198. Kev Thanks all.
  199. Kev bangs the gavel
  200. MattJ Thanks Kev
  201. winfried thanks
  202. Tobias thanks kev
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  204. Dave Cridland trots over to the Board meeting.
  205. ralphm follows Dave Cridland
  206. MattJ Simon, nothing to see here, just discussing BO*H
  207. winfried ;-)
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