XMPP Council - 2013-12-04

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  18. Dave Cridland

    MattJ, I can also not remind you when the Council meeting doesn't happen, so you'll not get an extra reminder that you don't normally have. That should help.

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  21. fippo

    dave, careful, otherwise i'll ask you to test the videobridge for the board meeting :-p

  22. Dave Cridland

    You're suggesting it'll have the same effect?

  23. fippo

    you can yell at matt ;-)

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  25. Dave Cridland

    Well, I need to not yell at Matt. At precisely the right time.

  26. Dave Cridland

    SO as long as it doesn't work, I could use that.

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  30. fippo

    dave: i'm wondering whether I should my raise my hand...

  31. Dave Cridland

    Depends whether you like writing position papers.

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  33. fippo

    it depends more on whether I need more work ;-)

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  35. Kev

    I'm fairly sure I don't need more work.

  36. Kev

    Or, at least, I don't recognise what needing more work would look like.

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  49. stpeter

    IIRC there is no Council meeting today, right?

  50. Tobias


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  53. Kev


  54. Kev

    Because I can't make it. Except I probably can, now, but I wasn't going to be able to.

  55. Dave Cridland studiously doesn't remind MattJ

  56. MattJ

    Thanks so much

  57. Kev

    Oh, you've done that too.

  58. Kev

    I sent a PM :)

  59. bear

    Lance is on a plane to Denver, but that is a moot point as the meeting was already not scheduled

  60. stpeter

    Lance is going to be in Denver?

  61. stpeter

    it's snowing like crazy here, I hope he can land

  62. stpeter works on the UPnP liaison agreement

  63. bear

    it's a stop on his way back home

  64. stpeter

    good luck to Lance, then!

  65. stpeter

    it seems that the Council and Board will need to name some liaisons soon

  66. stpeter

    UPnP, ISO TC 122, IEC TC 57

  67. Peter Waher

    I volunteer. I already work with Craig in ISO TC 122, and was invited to take part in the UPnP WG as well. (Just have to sign and file the 22 page membership contract.)

  68. stpeter

    the liaison agreement is only 10 pages :P

  69. Peter Waher


  70. Dave Cridland

    We should probably call for some volunteers, actually, lest we end up with only the usual suspects.

  71. stpeter nods

  72. Kev

    I think some of the usual suspects would be appropriate.

  73. stpeter


  74. Kev

    (Not saying exclusively)

  75. Dave Cridland

    Kev, Right, it's more to see if someone interesting crawls from the proverbial woodwork.

  76. Dave Cridland

    Not saying the usual suspects aren't interesting, of course.

  77. Peter Waher

    will there be a council meeting today?

  78. stpeter

    Peter Waher: none scheduled

  79. Peter Waher

    ok, is it scheduled for next week?

  80. fippo

    thought it might be worth mentioning http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/stox/current/msg00397.html -- i basically volunteered an hour ago

  81. stpeter

    Peter Waher: yes

  82. Peter Waher


  83. stpeter

    fippo: volunteered for reviewing the specs? I thought you already reviewed them...

  84. fippo

    stpeter: you know I always find new errors (-:

  85. stpeter

    yeah, you're good at that

  86. Peter Waher

    ok, are there any questions or comments regarding the eventlogging or dynamic forms proposals?

  87. Peter Waher

    somebody mentioned they would return comments on the dynamic forms proposal on list, during last meeting

  88. stpeter

    fippo pointed out the namespace issue, and also with XEP-0331, but we can fix those easily

  89. fippo

    right. and with those fixed i'm +1

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  91. Peter Waher

    "namespace issue"?

  92. Peter Waher

    Must have missed a mail

  93. stpeter

    Peter Waher: we don't mint jabber.org namespaces any longer

  94. stpeter


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  96. Peter Waher

    ah, ok

  97. Peter Waher

    What namespaces should I use?

  98. Peter Waher

    "I will work with the authors to mint proper XMPP URNs for these extensions."

  99. fippo

    ah, I didn't cc standards@

  100. stpeter

    Peter Waher: urn:xmpp:foo stuff - see XEP-0053

  101. Peter Waher

    so: "urn:xmpp:xdata-color" ok?

  102. Peter Waher

    and "urn:xmpp:xdata-dynamic" ?

  103. Peter Waher

    or do you prefer a : instead of - ?

  104. stpeter

    those would be fine

  105. Peter Waher

    "urn:xmpp:xdata:color" and "urn:xmpp:xdata:dynamic" ?

  106. stpeter

    I don't think it particularly matters whether we use "-" or ":"

  107. Peter Waher


  108. Peter Waher

    I'll update the proposals and send them to the list

  109. Peter Waher

    Anything else?

  110. stpeter

    see http://xmpp.org/registrar/namespaces.html

  111. Dave Cridland

    I wonder if -%29 is legal as a URN segment.

  112. stpeter

    I have the slightest preference for ':'

  113. stpeter

    since we do that for some of the jingle namespaces

  114. Peter Waher


  115. Tobias

    yup..consistency would be nice

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