XMPP Council - 2013-12-13

  1. fippo

    kev: jingle-grouping fixed, didn't include rfc example. now for the other one...

  2. Kev


  3. fippo

    no minutes yet?

  4. Kev

    No, I'm going to try to get to them this morning.

  5. fippo will reply to the agenda with votes

  6. Kev

    Have sympathy for the poor overworked Kev :)

  7. Kev

    Actually, my meeting's delayed, I'll try to get them done now.

  8. Lance

    Is the reasoning behind Peter's approach with IM tables correct?

  9. Lance

    We said a new XEP with discovery would be needed, but did that preclude extending the content allowed in html-im?

  10. Lance

    my understanding was probably wrong, but I thought we'd go with a new XEP that just said tables are ok to add, and here's a namespace to use in disco to say you support it

  11. ralphm

    Lance: I thought the same.

  12. ralphm

    Lance: there are two issues, I think: 1) HTML-IM should be amended to allow such extensions. 2) Is the default fallback (just rendering the cdata) good enough when requiring disco?

  13. Lance

    for 2, i'd have to say best effort rendering of the table data into plain text

  14. Lance

    and that'll have to be good enough, because it gets *very* messy very quickly