XMPP Council - 2014-01-22

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  28. stpeter I take it we have a Council meeting today? I am on a conference call with IEC TC 57 / WG 17 to answer some of their questions about XMPP, so I won't have full attention here
  29. Kev We do, in 40mins, although we don't have anything on the agenda.
  30. stpeter ok
  31. Kev T-1
  32. Kev 1) Roll call.
  33. Kev I'm here.
  34. Lance here
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  36. Kev MattJ / Tobias / fippo
  37. Tobias here
  38. MattJ Here
  39. stpeter I have an AOB for later: compliance suites and updating/replacing http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0270.html
  40. fippo here
  41. Kev Fab.
  42. Kev stpeter: So, your item...what do you want to discuss? :)
  43. fippo stpeter: i'll remind you about publishing the dtls/sctp stuff later.
  44. stpeter the folks I'm on the call with right now asked about compliance suites
  45. Tobias I seem it makes sense to update those after 4 years
  46. fippo 0270 still lists 3920/3921 so yeah... sounds like a good idea. start a discussion on what new items we want in the spec list?
  47. MattJ Security things!
  48. Tobias right, and if they need to be in draft state
  49. Tobias probably makes sense to have them at least draft
  50. MattJ Yeah
  51. Kev stpeter: So, what's the Council action here?
  52. fippo maybe stpeter is looking for volunteers to write that ;-)
  53. Tobias i'd help working on it with others interested
  54. Kev So, nothing we need to vote on now, then.
  55. Kev 3) Date of next.
  56. Tobias probably not
  57. Kev Fortnight? I assume everyone will be travelling next week.
  58. Tobias voting isn't all we do, is it?
  59. Lance +1 fortnight
  60. Tobias wfm
  61. Kev Tobias: Pretty much. Updating XEPs is done by individuals, not Council.
  62. MattJ +1 to fortnight
  63. fippo '+1 (i should change my secondary command char from + at some point...)
  64. Tobias Kev, yup
  65. Kev 4) AOB?
  66. stpeter we really ought to add XEP-0198 to the compliance suites, too
  67. Kev Yes.
  68. Kev I'm taking this as a 'no' for AOB.
  69. Tobias right...message receipts also seems suitable for advanced spec
  70. stpeter so perhaps we can work on that -- no action for Council right now
  71. Tobias Kev, none here
  72. Kev Right, thanks all.
  73. Kev bangs the gavel.
  74. MattJ Thanks :)
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