XSF logo XMPP Council - 2014-01-27

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  12. Kev I'll do them if no-one else has time, but if any of the other Council folks would like to volunteer to write last week's minutes it'd save me a little stress, please.
  13. fippo i'll do it
  14. Kev Thanks very much.
  15. fippo done.
  16. fippo calculating the elapsed time was the most timeconsuming action :-)
  17. Kev Thank you.
  18. fippo grmbl. 0172 is named "user nickname" but is really about "display name"
  19. fippo even though it talks alot about display names and how it's not a display name
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  21. Tobias interesting value isode sponsored for the dinner
  22. fippo it's going to be a binary game now
  23. Tobias probably
  24. Kev This is presumably Will playing with the &yet folks.
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