XMPP Council - 2014-02-26

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  4. Kev By my reckoning (the editor team haven't responded to me asking if we're supposed to be voting on BOSH), our agenda today is roughly Roll/Date/AOB.
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  9. stpeter love those short meetings :-)
  10. stpeter bbiaf
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  12. fippo https://gist.github.com/jamesvnz/6756208 -- this makes me wonder if they seriously abuse the type attribute...
  13. m&m oi!
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  16. fippo ah... they don't -- https://developer.android.com/google/gcm/ccs.html
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  18. Kev Hola.
  19. Tobias hi
  20. Kev 1) Are we rolls?
  21. Kev I'm here.
  22. Tobias here
  23. MattJ Here
  24. Lance here
  25. Kev And fippo's obviously not here, as he was talking a moment ago.
  26. Kev fippooooooooooooooo
  27. fippo errr... yes
  28. Kev Assuming I'm right about not having more stuff.
  29. Kev 2) Date of next.
  30. Kev I can't do next Wednesday
  31. MattJ Hmm, not sure yet if I can
  32. Kev Can skip a week, move it, or have it without me.
  33. Kev I'd be inclined to skip a week, given IETF.
  34. Tobias wfm
  35. Tobias the skipping
  36. fippo skip it
  37. Zash the skippening
  38. Lance wfm to skip
  39. Kev Excellent.
  40. Dave Cridland skips about. Tra-la-la.
  41. Kev 3) AOB?
  42. MattJ None here
  43. m&m I have one item to bring up
  44. m&m if I may
  45. Kev I note, not as directly business, that the Editors are now functional.
  46. Dave Cridland Can I ask the COuncil members in particular to look at my XEP-0001 change proposal?
  47. Kev m&m: Shoot.
  48. Kev Dave Cridland: Oh, about that, I note that Council /do/ vote on Humerous generally.
  49. Kev They just do it by pre-approving whatever the author is going to say.
  50. Kev Which is obviously a nonsense. But I don't see a reason to change it.
  51. m&m historically, we had a page that collected all of the protocols, and provided short information block on them
  52. m&m http://xmpp.org/protocols
  53. m&m however, that page (and its children) haven't been updated in several months — possibly years
  54. stpeter probably years
  55. m&m so my question is, does the council see value in keeping it?
  56. Kev A list of registered namespaces seems worthwhile. Pointing to the XEPs in which they're registered seems worthwhile. More than that seems not, to me.
  57. MattJ Is this from when we had pages at jabber.org/protocol/*?
  58. Dave Cridland Oh... So this probably made more sense when we used the http://jabber.org/protocol namespace.
  59. Kev MattJ: Yes.
  60. m&m yes
  61. MattJ To be honest it would be nice if we could preserve those links, but not necessary
  62. Dave Cridland Speaking from the floor, while the XMPP Registrar certainly needs to maintain a list of allocated namespaces, I see no particular reason for anyone else to dictate its form.
  63. m&m we already have the registrar list
  64. stpeter as I recall, the http://jabber.org/protocol/* namespaces all had pages like this and then we had redirects in place to point those to these pages at xmpp.org
  65. m&m this is, in some sense, duplicate information
  66. stpeter m&m: yes
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  69. Kev m&m: I think this was a straw poll rather than a Council action, right?
  70. Kev m&m: And that we've now done that?
  71. m&m it is, yes
  72. m&m well, I'm inclined to remove the landing page, and leave the existing directories in place
  73. m&m at least for http://jabber.org/protocol/* links
  74. m&m but not do any other updates
  75. Kev This seems sensible to me.
  76. Kev m&m: Happy that we're done?
  77. stpeter nods
  78. MattJ +1
  79. m&m grazie
  80. Dave Cridland Kev, As for Humorous XEPs, I didn't *think* Coucil approved them in any meaningful sense. I couldn't remember voting on any, certainly. I'm happy with whatever; as usual I'm more interested in documenting what is done here.
  81. Kev AOAOB?
  82. Tobias +1
  83. Tobias none here
  84. Kev Dave Cridland: I remember voting on them, but only in a loose sense. I'm vaguely opposed to introducing a new approving body.
  85. stpeter Dave Cridland: the Editor would send them to the Council members (off-list, to retain some element of surprise)
  86. Kev I think this is outside Council discussion, so let's carry on after.
  87. Dave Cridland Kev, OK. Please post that to the list; it'll spark some debate.
  88. stpeter nod
  89. Kev I think we're done with Council.
  90. Kev Thanks all
  91. Kev bangs the gavel.
  92. Tobias thank you
  93. m&m thanks!
  94. Kev Dave Cridland: Yes, I'll look at them more thoroughly (like, at all), and post to the list.
  95. MattJ Thanks
  96. Tobias Lance, you've suggested adding tags/keyworks to XEPs, right?
  97. MattJ disappears back to 'IRL'
  98. Lance i have no memory of it, but it would be nice to group them, yes
  99. Tobias yeah..seems sensible, so what kind of groups did you have in mind?
  100. Tobias just to get a rough idea
  101. Lance pubsub, jingle, muc to start
  102. fippo c2s, s2s, im, presence, pubsub, muc, jingle would be the ones that come to my mind
  103. Tobias ah..yeah..those seem to make sense
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  105. Lance i'd like a very subjective 'this is a minimum you need to use to be a modern xmpp client', but that might be too subjective unless we do a compliance suite for it first
  106. Lance just something to avoid listing ~400 xeps at once when someone first lands on the page
  107. Tobias right
  108. Zash Wouldn't that be the compliance suites?
  109. Tobias it sure would ease getting an overview...i'll see what i can do to integrate that in our publishing system
  110. Lance Zash presumably, yes. it would be nice to make the xep list filterable by those suites
  111. stpeter oh that's right we need to update the compliance suite(s) document
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  114. m&m fippo: editors of draft-ietf-xmpp-dna want your feedback posted to xmpp@ietf.org!
  115. Tobias they want you, NOW! ... maybe they'll even hang posters on the walls
  116. m&m ooo … that's a thought
  117. fippo m&m: actually that reminds me that I promised peter to re-review https://github.com/linuxwolf/xmpp-fed/pull/1
  118. m&m right
  119. m&m is working through the slide ware
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