XMPP Council - 2014-03-19

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  7. Lance i dont think i'll be able to make it for the meeting this afternoon. i'll vote on list
  8. Kev Thanks Lance.
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  11. Kev BTW - things I have on for today are: http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0124-1.11rc3.html UPnP liasons.
  12. Kev http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/iot-discovery.html
  13. Kev (Although I hadn't noticed that one!)
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  16. Kev m&m: Have I missed anything from the editor team?
  17. m&m that looks like the full list
  18. Kev Ta.
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  23. Zash time?
  24. stpeter 30 minutes from now, right?
  25. Tobias Zash, is your NTP broken?
  26. Tobias ;)
  27. Zash <iq type='get' id='so confuse'> <time xmlns='urn:xmpp:time'/> </iq>
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  29. fippo kev: and dont forget the agenda item you missed last time ;-)
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  31. fippo ah wait, you did not.
  32. fippo nit for 0124: content-length in example 6 seems wrong
  33. stpeter BTW we still need to form the UPnP Liaison Team, I received a ping about that again this morning
  34. fippo stpeter: kev has it on the agenda, forgot it last time
  35. fippo the content-length in example 3 is wrong, too
  36. fippo and the one in example 5
  37. stpeter hrmph
  38. stpeter I admit that I haven't reviewed the latest and greatest
  39. stpeter probably I should since it has my name on it, eh? ;-)
  40. m&m hrm
  41. stpeter in XEP-0206, I wonder if the text about TLS really makes sense - perhaps better to say "MUST NOT" do TLS at the BOSH layer?
  42. m&m I thought that's what we all agreed to
  43. m&m well, XEP-0206 has some more work to be done then
  44. stpeter well it says: Note: Inclusion of TLS negotiation elements is allowed but is NOT RECOMMENDED. The definition of how TLS might be implemented over BOSH is currently beyond the scope of this document. Instead, channel encryption SHOULD be completed at the HTTP (transport) layer, not the XMPP (application) layer. http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0206-1.4.html
  45. Kev 'tis time.
  46. Kev 1) roll call.
  47. Kev Lance sent apologies.
  48. stpeter anyway, I think I'll take some time for a decent review and also look at this in relation to XMPP over WebSocket so that they're in alignment
  49. fippo here
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  51. Kev Tobias? Mattj?
  52. Tobias there
  53. Kev So, UPnP liasons.
  54. Kev I'd quite like to have either someone Council, or Council-esque on this. What do others think?
  55. Kev Do we have any volunteers from past/present Council or similar?
  56. Kev stares at fippo.
  57. fippo hides
  58. m&m just don't look at me, I cannot
  59. Kev m&m: I'm not looking at you, for that reason.
  60. stpeter yeah m&m is overbooked
  61. Kev This is also the reason I'm not looking at me.
  62. stpeter but everyone is overbooked
  63. m&m that and conflict-of-interest issues
  64. stpeter note also that we're likely to have 2 more liaison teams, so we'll need to spread the load
  65. Kev There are likely to be Jinglish things involved here, I think? Which makes fippo seem like a good choice.
  66. stpeter nods to m&m I suppose
  67. Kev If he'd like to volunteer.
  68. m&m fippo sounds like a fine candidate
  69. stpeter heh
  70. Tobias would be nice to have someone from the council on the team
  71. fippo well, ok.
  72. Kev Tobias: Are you volunteering?
  73. stpeter well, I could do this as well since I've already been working with them
  74. Kev fippo: Ah, excellent.
  75. Tobias Kev, i'm quite busy as it is this semester
  76. fippo i can share with peter ;-)
  77. Kev stpeter: Or that. Although my preference would not be for you to take on anything new :p
  78. stpeter but that's true (for me) of all the liaison discussions
  79. Tobias if no one else would come up i'd spring in..if it's not too much meeting work
  80. Kev stpeter: Well, do you /want/ to be in on this?
  81. stpeter Kev: actually I would prefer that fippo not take on anything new ;-)
  82. Kev I have no idea what Fippo's workload is like :)
  83. fippo stpeter: I'll find things to drop ... like dialback :-)
  84. Kev stpeter / fippo / Tobias: do you want to quickly decide between yourselves?
  85. stpeter how about fippo and I volunteer?
  86. Peter Waher I also volunteer. UPnP are working with IoT-related things.
  87. stpeter Peter Waher: yes, thanks
  88. Kev Peter Waher: Yes, thanks - you and Joachim both.
  89. Tobias stpeter, completely happy with that :)
  90. Peter Waher (y)
  91. stpeter I like this liaison kind of thing
  92. Kev Yeah, I'd like to volunteer myself.
  93. Kev I'm just not going to.
  94. stpeter yep
  95. Kev How big a team do we want here?
  96. stpeter so me, fippo, Peter, and Joachim sounds fine
  97. Kev Does four people seem appropriate, or do we need to select further?
  98. stpeter I think we don't need more
  99. Kev If four people is OK (not too many), I'd like to propose fippo, Joachim and Peter^2.
  100. fippo let's see what the actual workload is and adapt if necessary.
  101. stpeter agreed
  102. Tobias great
  103. Kev fippo / Tobias, +-1 please.
  104. Tobias +1
  105. fippo '+1
  106. Kev Thanks
  107. Kev I'll take the proposal to the Board meeting in a minute, then.
  108. Kev 3) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/iot-discovery.html Accept?
  109. Kev I need to go on-list for this.
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  111. Tobias i haven't gotten through this completely yet, so i'll vote on list
  112. fippo me too -- but i'd not that i am somewhat strongly opposed to have hardcoded user@domain names there
  113. stpeter I need to sit down and read then entire IoT "suite"
  114. Kev OK.
  115. Kev 4) http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0124-1.11rc3.html Accept 1.11?
  116. Kev I, similarly, need to take this to the list.
  117. fippo look good. the content-lengths need to be checked/fixed so i'll vote on list too with more feedback.
  118. Tobias didn't have that one on the radar at all..will go through the diff this evening
  119. Kev Ta.
  120. Kev 5) Date of next
  121. m&m editor notes the examples need to sanitized
  122. Kev 16:00 UK time, Wednesday?
  123. Kev (I /think/ it's the end of next week Europe hits DST)
  124. Tobias Kev, right...in the night from 29/30
  125. fippo m&m: will send that feedback directly to editor.
  126. Tobias that time wfm
  127. fippo time wfm, too
  128. Kev 6) AOB?
  129. Tobias none from my side
  130. m&m fippo: only if that feedback is patches (-: Otherwise substantive changes really ought to be sent it to council@
  131. Kev So I think that's no AOB from anyone?
  132. fippo none from me either
  133. Kev In which case... thanks all.
  134. Kev bangs the gavel.
  135. Tobias thank you
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  137. MattJ Sigh, sorry
  138. stpeter hi MattJ
  139. MattJ Hey
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  143. fippo m&m: sent. more work than I expected
  144. m&m ok
  145. m&m thank you for preserving the whitespace (-:
  146. m&m do the calculations assume the whitespace is present, or not present?
  147. fippo not present
  148. m&m thanks
  149. fippo i wasnt sure what i wanted example 6 to look like
  150. fippo so I left the whitespace there
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