XMPP Council - 2014-03-26

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  10. Kev Unless the Editors get back to me, I don't think we have anything that we need to discuss today.
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  16. stpeter Kev: BTW m&m sends his regrets
  17. stpeter or sent
  18. stpeter or something
  19. Kev Ta.
  20. Kev Not that he's obliged to turn up :)
  21. stpeter have you folks changed to Summer Time yet?
  22. Kev No.
  23. stpeter ah ok
  24. Zash You mean Wrong Time?
  25. stpeter I admit that I keep a few clocks on standard time :-)
  26. Tobias stpeter, like the oven clock :P
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  28. Zash Probably this weekend that Sweden goes silly time. Last weekend in Mars or somesuch.
  29. Tobias Zash, yeah...on the 30th
  30. Tobias at least in DE
  31. Zash Standardized by the EU? :)
  32. Kev I believe it's consistent across Europe, at least.
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  34. Kev 'tis time, 'tis time.
  35. Tobias here
  36. Kev Should be short, as I think we have no agenda.
  37. Kev 1) Roll call.
  38. Kev Tobias: Too eager :p
  39. Lance here
  40. Tobias Kev, you're connection is too laggy...i bet you've already typed it in
  41. stpeter :)
  42. stpeter Tobias is using the new FTL transport
  43. Kev XMPP-over-Neutrinos.
  44. Tobias Kev, your connection is too laggy...i bet you've already typed it in
  45. Tobias :)
  46. Kev MattJ: Here?
  47. MattJ Here
  48. Zash MattJ: There?
  49. MattJ There also
  50. Kev I don't remember Fippo sending apologies, will check the logs.
  51. Kev 2) Date of next.
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  53. stpeter I can ping Fippo if needed :-)
  54. Kev stpeter: I did so.
  55. Kev I think we move to 17:00Z next week, yes?
  56. MattJ Yes
  57. Kev Everyone OK with that?
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  59. stpeter fine with me
  60. Kev I'll take that as a yes.
  61. stpeter I'll update the calendar events
  62. Kev 3) Any other business.
  63. Kev stpeter: Ta.
  64. Peter Waher haven't received any comments or questions on the IoT Discovery proposal
  65. Kev Anticipating Peter's question about discovery - it was presented to Council last week. Objection period ends next Wednesday.
  66. stpeter speaking of which, I need to ping Tobias about getting the right code onto perseus.jabber.org so that we can run calgen.py
  67. Peter Waher if you have any, please send them to me
  68. Kev And he still beat me :/
  69. Peter Waher :)
  70. Tobias stpeter, can have a look at it later today
  71. Kev stpeter: I can probably sort that out, if you tell me what you need.
  72. Kev OK, I think we're done then.
  73. Kev Thanks all.
  74. Kev bangs the gavel.
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  77. Peter Waher (y)
  78. stpeter the icalendar python lib is missing at the least, not sure what else because I got distracted from testing :-)
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  80. Kev I'll make you a virtualenv now.
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  82. Tobias virtualenv rings a bell...i've either used it for gen.py or calgen.py or both
  83. Kev stpeter: There is now a virtualenv in /usr/local/virtualenv/calgen with icalendar installed.
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  87. stpeter Kev: thanks!
  88. Kev It's owned by the xsf user, so if you need anything else in it, you can /usr/local/virtualenv/calgen/bin/easy_install THAT_THING.
  89. bear if the virtualenv is active it will have pip in the local path
  90. bear so "pip THAT_THING" will be all that is required
  91. Kev bear: I think 'activating' virtualenvs is just going to cause us pain, compared to using them explicitly.
  92. Kev YMMV, what with me not being a Python person.
  93. bear it can be done in any scripts and it *really* is the sanest way
  94. Kev In scripts, yes.
  95. Kev But doing it in a shell, I don't think is a good idea.
  96. bear I should be able to help craft scripts and the .profile stuff to make it happen for logins
  97. bear ". bin/activate"
  98. bear that's all you need to type
  99. Kev I understand the mechanics.
  100. Kev I think it's a bad idea.
  101. Kev It just encourages you to slip and install the wrong thing in the wrong place.
  102. bear ah
  103. bear that's is a common view for non-python folks who don't spend all day in venvs
  104. Kev As I said.
  105. bear nods
  106. bear sorry - distracted and tired bear is ... distracted and tired
  107. Kev I can relate.
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  109. Kev I note that I screwed up the timezone switch, and I think what we meant to agree to was a move to 15:00Z, not to 17:00Z.
  110. MattJ Heh
  111. stpeter OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/local/virtualenv/hg/build'
  112. stpeter perhaps 'xsf' needs to own that one, too (not just calgen)?
  113. Kev Oh, you need to install stuff in there?
  114. Kev I thought I'd got that one all working.
  115. stpeter when I tried 'pip install icalendar' I got that error
  116. Kev Why does the difftool need icalendar?
  117. stpeter ask Tobias :-)
  118. Kev I thought I had the difftool working - what's broken?
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  120. Kev stpeter: What caused you to want to install icalendar into the difftool's virtualenv?
  121. stpeter um
  122. stpeter I didn't want to
  123. Kev Oh.
  124. Kev Ah.
  125. stpeter I probably don't understand virtualenv
  126. Kev I think you're doing half of what Bear suggested, and not what I suggested.
  127. stpeter I did 'pip install icalender' at /usr/local/virtualenv/calgen but perhaps that's not right
  128. Kev If you want to run a script in the calgen virtualenv, just make the shebang into #!/usr/local/virtualenv/calgen/bin/python
  129. Kev Yes, that's not right.
  130. Kev Completely ignore what Bear said :)
  131. stpeter k :-)
  132. stpeter heh
  133. stpeter ah, ok
  134. bear yes, I was wrong to interject - apologies
  135. stpeter bear: no worries!
  136. Kev Bear was giving advice based on us being fluent in Python :)
  137. Kev If you want to install packages into the calgen virtualenv, use /usr/local/virtualenv/calgen/bin/easy_install THE_THING. You could use /usr/local/virtualenv/calgen/bin/pip instead, but I habitually use easy_install and always have.
  138. stpeter ok
  139. stpeter well, I still have issues: $ ./calgen.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "./calgen.py", line 45, in <module> from icalendar import Calendar, Event, Alarm, UTC, vText ImportError: cannot import name UTC but I've made progress
  140. Kev The reason we use multiple virtualenvs is to avoid screwing up e.g. the difftool when we're installing packages for calgen. Or whatever.
  141. stpeter sure, makes perfect sense
  142. Kev That suggests to me a change in the icalendar package.
  143. Kev (If the package was completely missing, I wouldn't have expected the other imports to succeed)
  144. Kev This is where bear is likely to be useful :)
  145. bear that is a version mismatch (smells like a version mismatch)
  146. stpeter right, that's what I was thinking
  147. bear are you running python v3 and not noticing
  148. bear because UTC was renamed to Utc in the python v3 package
  149. bear of icalendar
  150. stpeter heh nice
  151. Kev Python 2.7.3 (default, Mar 13 2014, 11:03:55)
  152. bear yea, 2.7+ picks up a lot of v3 changes
  153. bear so change the code to import Utc instead of UTC
  154. stpeter ok, well, something to investigate a bit later
  155. bear sorry - in non python speak... library maintainers like to keep their source running in python v2.7 like it is in python v3 as that makes their life easier
  156. Kev I got that :)
  157. stpeter ah yes, "Renamed the UTC class to Utc, so it would not clash with the UTC object, since that rendered the UTC object unpicklable." https://github.com/collective/icalendar/blob/master/CHANGES.rst
  158. Kev stpeter: I think all you need to do is edit the import line in Tobias's script. I can do this if you'd like.
  159. stpeter yeah I tried that already but it's still not happy, we might multiple versions installed or something strange, checking
  160. stpeter oh well, I think this will be an evening project, I need to do some paying work :-)
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