XMPP Council - 2014-03-27

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  41. Kev Thoughts on http://doomsong.co.uk/extensions/render/pubsubforms.html welcome.
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  44. Lance Kev: i'm usually not a fan of using urns+parameters as node ids, but this seems reasonable
  45. Kev I'm open to a better formulation if you have one.
  46. Lance Kev: nope, this is probably the best option. so long as everything is static, no objections
  47. Kev "Everything is static"?
  48. Kev urn:xmpp:pubsub-forms:template:0 and s/template/submitted/ are static.
  49. Lance i remember the commenting via pubsub did weird things with urns+parameters
  50. Kev Then the 'query part' is basically the identifier of the particular form that's published there.
  51. Kev There's no magic, the query part itself is opaque.
  52. Kev Or, at least, this spec doesn't say otherwise. If individual applications want to work magic using it, I don't much care (mine doesn't).
  53. Lance Kev: right. i'm just remembering things like: coffeetalk/comments?order=-created
  54. Kev Ah. No such magic here.
  55. Lance as long as things are ok to be done via a hash lookup, im happy
  56. Kev 'Things'? And done by whom?
  57. Lance for implementations. usually a hash lookup to fetch contents for a node id
  58. Kev You mean for the pubsub service?
  59. Kev Or for client caching?
  60. Lance yes, and the associated disco parts
  61. Kev Either way, yes, this is an entirely standard xep60 service.
  62. Lance +1
  63. Lance hrm. i actually think i have some upcoming use cases for this..
  64. Kev Marvellous.
  65. Kev In terms of verbiage, how much more do you think is needed before we could publish it?
  66. Kev I'm torn between duplicating examples out of xep60 or not. It being only a few lines as it is at the moment is appealing :)
  67. Lance yeah, always need the examples
  68. Lance even though this is nice and concise atm
  69. Kev I was, if I'm honest, expecting that.
  70. Lance there are two things that seem would be nice to have: a specific disco node that will list these templates instead of having to search through all nodes, and mentioning that the name attribute in disco would be useful to name the templates
  71. Kev I'm trying to avoid requiring a custom service for this, though :/
  72. Kev ISTM if we /can/ build this straight out of xep60 without much inconvenience, it'd be better to do so.
  73. Lance nods
  74. Lance have you implemented this already?
  75. Kev Not exactly, but more or less.
  76. Lance what kind of UI/UX did you have?
  77. Lance or rather, how did people find the form they need to fill out?
  78. Tobias XMPP URIs? :)
  79. Kev Combobox of available forms, if I understand the question correctly.
  80. Kev But I've not rolled anything out yet.
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