XMPP Council - 2016-05-25

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  55. Lance it is time
  56. Lance 0) Roll call
  57. Dave Cridland Afternoon.
  58. Lance Tobias MattJ psa Dave Cridland
  59. psa here
  60. Tobias here
  61. SamWhited is not here to take notes again; sorry. Poorly timed meetings.
  62. ralphm Here
  63. Dave Cridland ralphm, You're three years late.
  64. Lance 1) ProtoXEP: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/spam-report.html
  65. Lance I'm +1
  66. Tobias will vote on list
  67. MattJ Hey
  68. MattJ +1 :)
  69. Dave Cridland +1, though I think it needs work.
  70. MattJ Dave Cridland, I look forward to your feedback
  71. MattJ I think it's good as it is
  72. Lance psa?
  73. Dave Cridland You don't have it? I thought I'd sent to the list.
  74. MattJ Oh, I guess I missed it
  75. psa I'm not sure how it interacts with / replaces http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0287.html
  76. psa but I can post to the list about it
  77. Lance ta
  78. Lance 2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/userrating.html
  79. MattJ This one I think needs more work, but I'm +1 to experimental
  80. Tobias will vote on list
  81. psa (I see that Matthew already replied to the query about XEP-0287 so I'm +1 to publishing spam-report)
  82. psa and userrating also replaces http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0275.html
  83. psa I see that we're in reinvent the wheel mode :-)
  84. Dave Cridland Ah, I'm confused.
  85. psa I will post to the list about userrating
  86. Dave Cridland It'#s user rating I sent feedback on, not spam reporting.
  87. MattJ Ah, ok
  88. Lance i'll vote on list as well for userrating
  89. Lance 3) Date of next
  90. Dave Cridland Maybe I should actually look at both in the light of 287/275 and see whether this is just a duplication or if it's introducing something genuinely new.
  91. psa on first view I see some overlap between 275 and userrating
  92. psa perhaps some combination is in order
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  94. Lance Date of next, sbtsbc?
  95. Tobias Lance, wfm
  96. psa WFM
  97. Tobias btw: who moves things from https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pulls on our agenda?
  98. MattJ wfm
  99. Lance 4) AOB?
  100. psa Tobias: maybe our Chair?
  101. psa no AOB except Tobias's question
  102. Lance that'd be me
  103. MattJ psa, Dave Cridland: User Rating definitely has some overlap with XEP-0275
  104. Tobias ah..ok
  105. MattJ No AOB here
  106. Dave Cridland No AOB.
  107. Tobias no further aob here
  108. Lance bangs gavel
  109. Lance thanks all
  110. Tobias thx Lance
  111. Dave Cridland MattJ, Overlap is OK. Complete replacement is OK. But only if we think 275/287 is a dead-end technically.
  112. MattJ As mentioned on the list, I don't think Spam Reporting has much overlap with XEP-0287
  113. SamWhited 👍 will publish the reporting one and the outstanding jingle PR when I'm next at my desk.
  114. Lance a more accurate title would be User Blocking Annotations
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  116. Tobias SamWhited, there's also a XEP-300 PR
  117. MattJ Yeah, I think the title could be improved for clarity
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  120. SamWhited Anyone have ideas for a shortname for the spam reporting one?
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  123. Dave Cridland Do we really use shortnames?
  124. SamWhited They're in there, so I assumed we should create one but I have no idea what it's actually for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  125. Dave Cridland Xep-Editor-Tastic!
  126. ralphm Because mam or pubsub is better than typing out the full xep title
  127. ralphm And settling on a single short name is useful
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  132. Zash I remember something about shortnames being assigned when it's draft or somesuch
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  156. Tobias Lance, where did I +1 for spam reports? i said i'll vote on list ;)
  157. Lance woops. sorry about that, misread lines :(
  158. Tobias no problem :)
  159. Flow SamWhited: Smack uses shortnames as part of the java package scheme of the API. I've already requested the editor to keep a registry of shortnames to keep them unique. That would be really great.
  160. Flow also thinks that shortnames should be assigned in 'experimental' (but i could not found an official policy on that or if they need to be unique)
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  167. MattJ Yep, shortnames are really useful
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  171. SamWhited Yah, short names sound good to me. I don't know that anyone is handling registrar stuff right now?
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