XMPP Council - 2017-01-23

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  85. Tobias

    psa, will the website content of stpeter.im also go away?

  86. psa

    Tobias: no, I'm going to serve up all my websites via GitHub Pages

  87. Tobias

    ah..alright :)

  88. psa

    In fact I've already moved them all.

  89. psa

    And I'm moving my email account to fastmail. Simplify, simplify!

  90. SamWhited

    I really liked fastmail the last time I tried them; I've been saying for ages that I'd backup my mail and move to them (right now I have too much stuff to migrate over without it costing a fortune)

  91. SamWhited

    I just need to make some backups and unsubscribe from the million mailing lists that I never read.

  92. psa

    I spent half of Sunday trying to upgrade Linux distros on my VPS, only to fail utterly and resort to a backup. Then I decided that I have better things to do with my time. ;-)

  93. Tobias

    psa, that's true..also need to review my server configuration because last time i tried to upgrade to the next major version it wanted me to manually merge more than 100 config files :)

  94. Tobias

    these things should be easier

  95. psa

    I know, it was crazy!

  96. Tobias

    SamWhited, wonder if there're tools for that, automatic unsubscribtion/resubscription for mailman mailing lists

  97. SamWhited

    Tobias: that would be nice; seems like it would be easy enough to detect the email with an unsubscribe code and get the token.

  98. Tobias

    although it's probably also a good chance to cleanup all the mailing lists you aren't interested in anymore