XMPP Council - 2017-01-24

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  6. moparisthebest

    psa: Tobias: same deal with my server so I reset everything up on a new arch Linux box cchvbb

  7. moparisthebest

    And no more major upgrades

  8. moparisthebest

    Been great so far anyway

  9. moparisthebest

    Daughter got ahold of the phone before I was done typing lol

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  45. Zash

    psa disappearing from the internet?

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  61. daniel

    psa: I know a pretty good xmpp hoster that could host your domain if you are tired of doing that yourself but want to keep the domain :-)

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  100. Tobias

    SamWhited, regarding jingle file transfer / XEP-0300 fixes? should that be dedicated PRs for each XEP? should the PR incldue the version bump or just the other changes?

  101. SamWhited

    Tobias: I think one PR's fine as long as it's not really hard to review; I definitely prefer it when people go ahead and do the version bump too so that I don't have to go in afterwards and do it

  102. SamWhited

    If the diff gets too crazy complicated you might think about splitting them up

  103. Tobias

    great..will prepare things then

  104. SamWhited

    Tobias: alternatively, if one is experimental (and we can just bump it w/o council) and the other is draft (so we can't) it might be better to have separate PRs

  105. SamWhited

    Just to make it quicker to merge

  106. SamWhited

    but either way

  107. Tobias

    alright...makes sense to start with XEP-0300 anyway

  108. SamWhited

    Tobias: That's only if you want the experimental one merged right away; if you don't mind it waiting for the non experimental one it doesn't matter to me

  109. Tobias

    "The current plan is to move SHA-1 to a SHOULD NOT, SHA-256, SHA3-256 and BLAKE2b256 to MUST, and SHA-512, SHA3-512, and BLAKE2b512 to SHOULD by the end of 2016." <-- i wonder if i should do that change too while at it...since we already have 2017 :)

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  113. SamWhited


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  134. Tobias

    http://www.iana.org/assignments/hash-function-text-names/hash-function-text-names.xhtml last updated 2006 ;(

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  144. Tobias

    SamWhited, https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/381 will do the jingle ft stuff tomorrow morning

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