XMPP Council - 2017-03-03

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  24. ralphm I'm pretty sure we set that limit to deal with council members note voting in a timely matter.
  25. ralphm *not voting*
  26. Kev Indeed.
  27. Kev So if anyone fails to vote in a reasonable time, it's counted as DNV.
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  29. Tobias we also used to have a table showing who voted how when and who failed to vote etc
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  36. ralphm Tobias: yeah, that was great
  37. Tobias basically watining for https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/185
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  68. SamWhited Tobias *highfive* for teamwork! (That was fast; I went to add a card about the 0233 LC feedback and voting, and one was already there!)
  69. Tobias ^5
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  74. moparisthebest SamWhited, don't forget to move 368 to draft at your earliest convenience :)
  75. SamWhited moparisthebest: I looked and I don't think it's actually been two weeks since the last version; I'm not 100% sure though, so I figured I'd just give Link Mauve some time to -1 if he wants too.
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  77. moparisthebest the last version was 2017-02-15, the vote was 2017-02-22, but yea I have no problem with that
  78. Kev Should be that if there are changes during LC, Council votes on the new version.
  79. Kev Or changes after the Council vote, whatever.
  80. moparisthebest yea council voted on the latest LC changes
  81. Kev The version that Council votes on is the version that gets to Draft, and Council have 2 weeks from the meeting to vote.
  82. SamWhited moparisthebest: right, if the vote was on the 22nd, then Link Mauve's last day to vote is the 8th of this month
  83. moparisthebest ah yea, I obviously can't count weeks
  84. SamWhited (no worries, I was only thinking it had been two weeks because I was confusing the 22nd with the 2nd…)
  85. SamWhited Close enough.
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