XMPP Council - 2017-03-15

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  42. SamWhited FYI: I have a meeting that got rescheduled for 1630z today, so I might dissapear half way through the council meeting or somewhere thereabouts.
  43. daniel I won't make it today
  44. Tobias ok..thanks for letting us know
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  49. Tobias sounds it's about time
  50. Tobias 1) roll call
  51. SamWhited here
  52. Tobias Dave Cridland, Link Mauve?
  53. Tobias hmm..let's see if we can be more than two people for our meeting today :)
  54. Tobias plays jeopardy jingle
  55. Dave Cridland I am here, sorry
  56. Dave Cridland Just finishing off a phone call. Blame Phil.
  57. Tobias oki doki
  58. Tobias 2) Minute taker
  59. Tobias I can write up minutes for today
  60. Tobias 3) https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2017-February/032328.html
  61. Tobias I think Link Mauve is planning to do a review and come up with a migration plan. Any news on that?
  62. Dave Cridland Tobias, I thought Jonas had come up with a replacement XEP-0115 that solves all these things, at least in this case?
  63. Tobias right...I was planning to review that...might as well do it this evening, with other github PRs
  64. Tobias Dave Cridland, it was just that the trello card mentioned Link Mauve https://trello.com/c/IUXIWOdC/170-https-mail-jabber-org-pipermail-standards-2017-february-032328-html
  65. Dave Cridland Fairy Nuff.
  66. SamWhited I think Link Mauve was going to come up with a general deprecation policy / audit existing usages
  67. Dave Cridland That would be useful.
  68. Tobias so nothing actionable for us here it seems, other than reviewing Jonas' XEP
  69. Tobias 4) IEEE IoT https://trello.com/c/5SHoH80M/171-ieee-iot
  70. Tobias Dave Cridland, you suggested we appoint a liason as a first step?
  71. SamWhited I sent out an email; no response.
  72. Dave Cridland Yeah...
  73. Dave Cridland SamWhited, I totally missed that.
  74. Tobias SamWhited, yeah...just read it, haven't replied to it yet
  75. Tobias maybe the council should have a meeting together with our IoT SIG?
  76. Dave Cridland That sounds sane.
  77. SamWhited I would prefer to not be a part of that, but will be there if people feel strongly that we should.
  78. Dave Cridland I was thinking a formal liaison because most SDOs - like IEEE and ITU, as well as IETF - actually have processes for these.
  79. Tobias Dave Cridland, do we (XSF) have processes for that?
  80. Dave Cridland So they can be allowed into all the meetings, etc.
  81. Dave Cridland Tobias, Yes, sorta. Council picks a person, Board ratifies, and "it happens". Somehow.
  82. Dave Cridland Tobias, Undocumented process, probably. But we needed it for ... erm, something. UPnP, I think.
  83. Tobias didn't we vote on that already?
  84. Tobias probably confusing that with something else, can't find it in my mail
  85. Dave Cridland A Liaison to IEEE's IoT group? Not that I know of.
  86. Tobias but yeah, I will talk with the people from our IoT SIG about that
  87. Tobias also will reply to Sam's mail later today
  88. Tobias 5) AOB
  89. Tobias There are still outstanding votes for some things
  90. SamWhited Editor hat reminder about outstanding votes
  91. SamWhited Yah, that. Tobias ++
  92. Dave Cridland Probably lots of mine. I'll look.
  93. Tobias yeah...have a look at trello https://trello.com/b/ww7zWMlI/xmpp-council-agenda , reply to the corresponding meeting minutes with your votes, ta
  94. Tobias further AOB from anyone?
  95. SamWhited I've lost track of what's in LC and what ends when again; I'll ping ralph and try to get a trello again during the board meeting.
  96. SamWhited And then try to clean that up.
  97. Dave Cridland Only that implementing MIX is suggesting it's not nearly as complete as we might have hoped. :-/
  98. Tobias Dave Cridland, well..p1 implemented it too, not?
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  100. Dave Cridland Tobias, They implementing grouchat over pubsub; not quite the same thing.
  101. Tobias misread mikael mail then probably
  102. Tobias seems there's no further AOB
  103. Tobias 6) Date of next
  104. Tobias same day of week, next week, same time of day
  105. Tobias ?
  106. Dave Cridland Sounds good.
  107. SamWhited WFM
  108. Tobias great
  109. Tobias bangs the gavel
  110. Dave Cridland Although if Wednesday is causing problems, I'm open to changes.
  111. Tobias thanks everybody
  112. Tobias Dave Cridland, please reply to my upcoming meeting minutes with more ideal alternatives and we'll see what works for everybody
  113. Dave Cridland Wednesday is fine for me.
  114. Kev Haven't followed the meeting, but: > Only that implementing MIX is suggesting it's not nearly as complete as we might have hoped. :-/ This is why we have experimental, and why I've been keen people try to implement it because I wasn't at all convinced we'd solve everything spec-only.
  115. Dave Cridland Oh, it's not unexpected.
  116. Kev I've not read the list post yet either, but I'm not at all surprised to find things that are incomplete, or just outright stupid or wrong.
  117. Tobias na...it's now implemented everywhere, we can't change it anymore. Let's move it to draft, nah..it has issues that should be fixed first....
  118. Dave Cridland Just I'd been honestly thinking we were much closer than we actually are. My misinterpretation.
  119. Dave Cridland We have, though, switched from using MUC in our app to using MIX.
  120. Kev I thought we were close.
  121. Kev I still do, although I might change my mind once I've seen your mail.
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  123. Dave Cridland I thought we were close until I saw Steve's reply...
  124. Kev I've not reviewed the spec in months. It might be approaching the point I need to, but it's grown somewhat in length beyond what I expected to be necessary and I'm struggling to find the multiple days I need!
  125. Dave Cridland Well, this is more or less where we are as well - hence we're reviewing by tripping over things as we come to them.
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  127. Kev I truly thought I was going to get to write some code today. But nope, now I need to catch up on this. *sigh*
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