XSF logo XMPP Council - 2017-10-04

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  63. jcbrand Hi folks, just FYI, I won't be able to take minutes for the next 3 weeks (today and the next two meetings). I'm both moving house and going to a mountain retreat in Switserland.
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  65. jcbrand Well, one after the other TBH
  66. Link Mauve Ack, thanks for the notice. :)
  67. SamWhited Thanks for the heads up; enjoy the retreat, wish I were in the mountains instead of sitting at my desk…
  68. SamWhited I'm jealous!
  69. Link Mauve I went to the sea last week, it was a very welcome retreat. :)
  70. Link Mauve Especially without any computer!
  71. Ge0rG Damn. I forgot to forget my android device on my last holiday.
  72. jcbrand :)
  73. daniel Oh I forgot to mention this. I just boarded my flight to the US. So I won't make it today.
  74. daniel And probably I won't make it next week either
  75. Ge0rG daniel: it was nice to have known you.
  76. Link Mauve I guess now is a good time to read last week’s minutes. :-°
  77. Ge0rG I wanted to re-submit my request to burn GC1.0 with fire, but instead I wrote a really really long mail about MUC self-pings.
  78. Ge0rG Bummer.
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  80. Flow I think we should under no circumstances make incompatible changes without a namespace bump
  81. Zash Can someone do a survey of whether GC1.0 is even used?
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  83. Link Mauve Hi, SamWhited, Tobias, dwd, are you here?
  84. dwd Hi folks.
  85. Tobias here
  86. SamWhited yup
  87. Link Mauve Perfect, we are all here, daniel said he wouldn’t be able to attend.
  88. Tobias ok
  89. Tobias shall we run though the agenda then?
  90. Tobias 1) Roll call
  91. Tobias seems everybody except daniel is there
  92. Tobias 2) Minute taker
  93. Tobias jcbrand, are you available?
  94. SamWhited jcbrand said he would not be avilable for the next few weeks
  95. Tobias ah..ok
  96. SamWhited I can do it
  97. Tobias thanks
  98. Tobias SamWhited, what's the state of https://trello.com/c/wi8fgSfa/180-compare-and-publish-pubsub-items-protoxep ?
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  100. SamWhited I don't actually remember what that card means; it appears to be in the inbox?
  101. Tobias Flow, ping
  102. SamWhited Oh, I think the email never went out maybe and that's what the card is for? The comments seem to suggest that.
  103. Flow Tobias: I've an update version according to the list feedback on geekplace.eu/xeps
  104. Flow and plan to submit it by the end of the week (I wanted to wait for some more feedback)
  105. SamWhited So can we wait and add a new card when that happens and then vote on it?
  106. Tobias okido
  107. dwd As a usual rant: I have no idea why we're encouraging discussion of non-XSF documents.
  108. SamWhited dwd: I think we were supposed to vote on accepting it as an XSF document, but it never happened because the announcement email didn't get sent
  109. dwd Right, but some day we'll get stung badly because of this.
  110. Tobias i'll just archived the card...so if it's submitted again we create a new one
  111. Tobias 3) ODR / OMEMO
  112. Tobias does anybody know anything about the state of this
  113. Tobias ?
  114. Link Mauve Was it the one with the split of the current OMEMO XEP into an historical one and a better one?
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  116. Tobias i think so
  117. Tobias https://trello.com/b/ww7zWMlI/xmpp-council-agenda this card
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  119. Tobias i think we should call out to the standard ML on this topic
  120. Tobias will write a mail there
  121. Tobias 4) Next meeting
  122. Tobias same time next week
  123. Tobias ?
  124. Link Mauve Wfm.
  125. Tobias alright
  126. SamWhited 2017-10-11T1500Z
  127. Tobias 5) AOB?
  128. jonasw SamWhited, there was an announcement mail
  129. jonasw 2017-08-24
  130. jonasw it was discussed, not accepted by council, flow revised and that’s where we’re at
  131. SamWhited ah, thanks
  132. jonasw I don’t know how to send announcement mails for updated protoxeps, I don’t think the process™ knows about that
  133. jonasw which is kindof what dwd said.
  134. SamWhited AOB: reminder that council elections are coming up: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2017
  135. Tobias jonasw, just the same announcement mail again, mentioning version ,etc.
  136. Tobias would be my suggestion
  137. Tobias wonder who that Joe Demo guy is...never heard of him :P
  138. Tobias any further AOB?
  139. Tobias doesn't look like it
  140. Tobias bangs the gavel
  141. Tobias thanks everybody
  142. Tobias SamWhited, thanks for the minutes
  143. Tobias we have logs again, thanks to whoever did that
  144. jonasw woah
  145. jonasw amazing :)
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  147. jonasw I’d like to throw in a reminder that people need to vote on https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/500
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