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  92. Kev I think it'd be a good idea (at least for me) in the future for us to avoid having many LCs on the go at once. Assuming about 90 to 120 minutes to read/digest/comment/reply on each one, and it's difficult to find enough time to deal with each one properly when there's several on the go at once.
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  95. Zash That sounds sensible
  96. Kev I think the point's largely irrelevant, because I think all (or pretty much all) the current LCs are things that last Council didn't finish before their term ended.
  97. Kev But ... just suffering a bit here trying to do decent reviews of all the specs under LC at the moment.
  98. Zash I don't envy you
  99. Ge0rG We can hardly stop people from opening LCs at any desired speed.
  100. Kev Well, we *can* :)
  101. Kev In as much as Council has always traditionally been asked before an LC is issued.
  102. Kev (And throttling in order to ensure things get the review they need is probably one of the good reasons for delaying LCs).
  103. Ge0rG Oh, wait.
  104. Ge0rG I'm really confused by now, it seems. I actually misread all of the "LC" mentions above as [github] "PR"s.
  105. Ge0rG Right, that sounds sensible.
  106. Kev Many people find my conversations are more pleasant if they replace many of my words with other ones of their choosing :p
  107. SouL Haha :)
  108. Ge0rG Kev: I agree with what I think you said.
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