XMPP Council - 2018-03-28

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  101. Kev Just 122 and 92 ending their CfE?
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  133. Ge0rG Is it this time of the week again?
  134. Dave Hiya folks.
  135. Dave So:
  136. Dave a) I was off sick much fo the week (and in meetings solidly all day) so I failed to prepare an agenda.
  137. Dave b) The meeting is at quarter past the hour (in about ten minutes).
  138. Dave c) It is, AFAIK, just 122 and 92 for Advancement to Final, as far as I'm aware.
  139. SamWhited quickly goes to make a pot of coffee, but will be back in time hopefully
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  141. Kev Quarter past we agreed on.
  142. Kev Ah, what Dave said.
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  144. SamWhited Oh, although, I wasn't sure yet at the time, but I am now working from home so I can do on the hour now if people would prefer.
  145. SamWhited No more bus into the office at this time.
  146. Dave Oh, that's good. I prefer on the hour - mostly because it's easier to block out the time.
  147. Kev Same.
  148. Ge0rG I'm indifferent to that
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  150. Dave So, shall we?
  151. Dave Oh, thirty seconds early...
  152. Kev Her.
  153. Kev Here.
  154. Dave 1) Role Call:
  155. daniel here
  156. SamWhited o/
  157. Dave Ge0rG, for the record?
  158. Ge0rG 🙋
  159. Dave 2) Minutes
  160. Dave I'll do these this week.
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  162. Dave 3) Agenda Bashing
  163. Dave I think we just have the Advancement of XEP-0092 and XEP-0122, plus any outstanding votes from last week.
  164. Dave Any objections to that?
  165. SamWhited No objection
  166. Kev Newp
  167. Ge0rG Let's go
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  169. Dave 4) XEP-0122: Data Forms Validation
  170. Dave https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0122.html
  171. Kev Following my review of this this morning, I kinda feel like it's close to being ready, but not quite.
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  173. Dave It's not actually clear to me it has the implementations. I know of only the one. Was another mentioned in the CFE?
  174. Kev Twas, yes. Let me check my cfe folder
  175. daniel another besides smacks?
  176. Ge0rG Multiple, but I would have wished for more details than just the name of the software
  177. Kev Smack. The one you mentioned. eyeCU/Vacuum-IM
  178. Ge0rG > At least in [1]eyeCU and [2]Vacuum-IM.
  179. Dave Ah, cool.
  180. Dave Oh, the one I'm thinking of might actually just be using Smack then.
  181. SamWhited This one seems too complicated to me, I wouldn't block it from going to final on those grounds I don't think, since it's not likely to get simpler, but I probably would never implement it.
  182. Kev But looking at my comments, I suspected that the existing implementations are probably non-compliant because of a silly SHOULD in there.
  183. Kev Incidentally, I think 'implemented in a library but not used in a project' likely shouldn't count as an implementation, for our purposes.
  184. SamWhited Given the list discussion I'm with Kev: it's not ready yet.
  185. Dave So I'm feeling like a 0 here. I wouldn't actively support its Advancement, but I wouldn't block.
  186. Dave Anyone else with a vote?
  187. SamWhited … wait for it… wait for it…
  188. SamWhited I think we should deprecate it.
  189. Dave SamWhited, I'm quite fiercly against that. Actively used, and it's seeing value. Besides, we're not voting on that. :-)
  190. daniel I'm leaning towards +1
  191. daniel probably clean up the thing Kev mentions
  192. Dave Kev, Ge0rG SamWhited - votes, please.
  193. Kev I think we should advance it, but I think it should have another edit pass first. At least we should confirm whether any of the implementations are actually compliant with the probably-daft SHOULD.
  194. SamWhited -0
  195. Kev So I'm -1 right now, noting that's a current-state rather than principle vote.
  196. Ge0rG +0 because of what Kev said
  197. Ge0rG I probably should ask Konstantin how exactly it is used in eyeCU
  198. Dave 5) XEP-0092: Software Version
  199. Dave https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0092.html
  200. Kev I'm not sure this has the implementations...
  201. Kev +1
  202. Ge0rG +1
  203. Dave Kev, :-P
  204. Kev (Letting Dave block himself for his security concern, which seems reasonable)
  205. SamWhited +1, this one seems relatively straight forward and I know I've used it before and found it strictly "good enough"
  206. daniel +1
  207. Dave Indeed, I'm vetoing for security concerns. Interestingly, Matthew Miller told me that Cisco's implementation is very strict in how (and if) it responds.
  208. Dave I'm guessing I'll need to do a patch myself with the wording, mind.
  209. jonasw Dave, what would be needed to fix that? make <version/> etc. non-required?
  210. Ge0rG wouldn't "if" violate the RFC?
  211. Dave jonasw, No, just note that it might give sensitive information, so implementations might choose not to respond.
  212. jonasw Dave, "not to respond" should be "respond with an error"
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  214. Dave Ge0rG, No, it responds with service-unavailable I assume.
  215. Ge0rG Dave: that'd be sane
  216. moparisthebest web servers usually let you set something custom there, or skip sending version
  217. moparisthebest both of which could be done in existing XEP
  218. Dave 6) Outstanding Votes
  219. Dave So, looking at the Spreadsheet Of Doom: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AZ-Sna6OiRG--b-mJMKv3XXfrn3Nehm0kAtlyJvImL0/edit
  220. Dave daniel, Any votes here for last week's items?
  221. daniel no will have to do that on list
  222. Dave SamWhited, Ge0rG : I think you were unsure which, if any, of the XEP-0050 item to do?
  223. Dave daniel, OK.
  224. SamWhited I thought I had something, but my tab is empty so I still haven't done it, sorry about that.
  225. Dave SamWhited, Always possible I missed something, I can check logs.
  226. Dave 7) AOB
  227. jonasw Dave, sorry, I haven’t gotten around processing XEP-0050
  228. Dave Anyone got anything?
  229. jonasw no wait, I’m confusing that with the pubsub thing, nevermind
  230. Kev Nope. I submitted IM-NG this afternoon, but it's not hit the inbox yet (only a few minutes ago)
  231. Ge0rG Dave: I 'onlist'ed because Kev wanted to sort out the PRs.
  232. Dave Kev, I was really hoping jonasw wouldn't get to that before the meeting.
  233. SamWhited ahh, yah, I had the same things as Ge0rG
  234. Kev I have yet to sort out the xep50 stuff.
  235. Dave Right. Makes sense.
  236. Dave Assuming no further AOB.
  237. Kev But everyone was encouraged to go read and understand the issue.
  238. Dave 8) Next meeting
  239. Kev 15:00Z?
  240. Dave 1500UTC Next Wednesday?
  241. SamWhited +1w - 15m WFM
  242. Kev WFM
  243. Dave Ge0rG, daniel - OK with you?
  244. daniel yes
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  246. Ge0rG OK
  247. Dave 9) Ite, Meeting Est.
  248. Dave Thanks all.
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  250. Kev You know, Jonas had merged IM-NG before the end of the meeting... :)
  251. jonasw Kev, but it’s not on the website yet
  252. Kev I know :)
  253. jonasw that’ll take another hour
  254. jonasw :)
  255. Zash cries over all the CPU cycles
  256. jonasw Zash, rightfully so.
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  263. guus.der.kinderen Could someone adjust the calendar item for the council meetings please? It currently is scheduled for now.
  264. Zash Timezones! DST! YAY!!!
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  267. Dave https://github.com/xsf/xeps/issues/616 by the way, jonasw.
  268. jonasw Dave, <3
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  270. jonasw I’d merge the PR from JC before accepting the ProtoXEP if that’s fine with everyone?
  271. jonasw that would address daniels concerns
  272. jonasw cc @ Ge0rG, SamWhited, daniel, Kev
  273. Dave jonasw, Whichever - he's an author so it can be done whenever's cnvenient.
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  276. jonasw Dave, I suspected that much
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  278. Dave jonasw, I suppose I'd marginally prefer to publish the original and then publish the change immediately afterward to maintain the history, but it's not a hill to die on.
  279. jonasw Dave, I was thinking of doing that, but eliding the first email
  280. daniel as long as we don’t publish and the forget about it i'm fine with both
  281. jonasw so it’ll be NEW, but with 0.1.1
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  285. jonasw Dave, I don’t know how reliable github notifications are for you, so pinging you here too: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/608/commits/e18bb0387c3c13fe776ff6c96189bf41a0f12e62
  286. jonasw (updated my XEP-0223 PR)
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