XMPP Council - 2018-04-03

  1. Dave

    Doing the agenda. Surprised to find there doesn't appear to be anything in particular.

  2. Dave

    CFEs both expire on Thursday, so can't do much with them yet.

  3. Dave

    Have I missed anything? => jonasw, Kev, SamWhited etc.

  4. Kev

    Don't ask me, I rely on you :)

  5. SamWhited

    Not that I'm aware of; it's been a quiet week. I still have a thing to catch up on, but am also still trying to figure out my new schedule, so I apologize but I probably won't get to it. Exceptionally busy right now.

  6. Dave

    No problem.

  7. Dave

    (Well, no problem for me anyway).

  8. jonasw

    Dave, sorry, I’m on vacation

  9. moparisthebest

    I think Ge0rG's proposal to deprecate Pidgin is still pending

  10. Dave

    moparisthebest, I'm not convinced that's going to be a useful thing to vote on. It might make some people feel better, mind.

  11. moparisthebest