XMPP Council - 2018-05-09

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  132. SamWhited Driving. Should be back online in plenty of time, but just in case I don't respond right away you'll know why.
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  138. Dave Time to grab a cuppa, then.
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  141. Dave OK.
  142. Dave 1) Roll Call
  143. daniel Hi
  144. SamWhited I'm here, good timing.
  145. Kev I'm here.
  146. Dave Ge0rG, ?
  147. jonasw !summon Ge0rG
  148. Dave I'll assume no Ge0rG then.
  149. Dave 2) Hoorah because Tedd Sterr is doing the minutes.
  150. Kev [15:07:03] <Ge0rG> I'm pretty sure I won't be able to attend next week
  151. Dave I'd like it minuted that I like him doing the minutes.
  152. Dave Kev, Ta.
  153. Dave 3) Adopt Proposed new XEP: XMPP Connections across HTTPS (HACX) Title: XMPP Connections across HTTPS (HACX) Abstract: This specification defines a procedure to look up various connection methods for an XMPP server over HTTPS, with a focus on censorship resistance. URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/hacx.html
  154. Kev Given the suggestion on-list that we delay looking at this until the next update and pseudovote next week, I'd propose doing that.
  155. Dave Well, I'm not convinced that any amount of editing is going to make this right, but I'm happy to defer if others think it's worthwhile?
  156. SamWhited I'm also happy to defer it; I have concerns with this one and wouldn't mind having a chance to think about it a bit more anyways.
  157. SamWhited happy to defer the vote until next week, that is.
  158. Kev Well, I'm -1 this week, but if he's planning to Make Things Better, I'd have thought may as well look at it next week instead.
  159. Dave OK, let's just pretend it was never on the agenda and consider it next week.
  160. Kev +1
  161. Dave 4) XEPs Stuck In Proposed
  162. Dave We had a discussion on-list about this, and various suggestions of removing various states were proposed.
  163. Dave Does anyone know if any specific proposals (ie, a PR to XEP-0001) are going to be made?
  164. Kev I made a specific proposal but not as a PR, or as appropriate verbiage to make a PR.
  165. SamWhited Not that I have heard of
  166. Kev But I think being stuck in Proposed is probably a feature.
  167. Dave I think it's at best symptomatic of a different problem.
  168. Dave And yes, I think it's a feature that we can see the stuckage.
  169. Kev Anyway, my proposal was that the end of an LC sees the following happen: 1) Council votes on advancing to Draft 2) If (1) failed, Council votes on Rejecting 3) If (2) fails, it returns to Experimental
  170. Kev And then if no-one makes appropriate updates within the deferal period, it defers.
  171. Dave That's not awful. (I dislike the double-vote, but still)
  172. Kev This solves the problem part of stuck-in-proposed, which is that we don't want to Reject and our process doesn't allow for better, while keeping the nice bit (we see if something's genuinely forgotten).
  173. Kev It also allows things to defer naturally if whatever stopped it going to Draft isn't then addressed.
  174. Kev The double-vote is slightly icky, but is also the most straightforward thing I could think of.
  175. Dave I'd prefer that to the current situation, or to removing Proposed entirely, certainly.
  176. jonasw seems good to me
  177. peter Right, but we haven't been doing (2)...
  178. Dave I'm not sure I see the utility of Rejected, generally, given we've virtually never used it, but still.
  179. SamWhited This all just seems like something we need to discuss each time; where do we expect the XEP to go in the future if we're not going to advance it now? How we do that doesn't really matter to me. More procedure seems worthless, but if it makes us discuss it I think that's fine.
  180. Kev peter: Right, which is counter to our process in XEP1, so I think we should fix XEP1, and this seems like the simplest way to do that, to me.
  181. Kev Dave: Sometimes we accept something to Experimental and don't entirely expect it to ever be advanced to Draft, but we want the barrier to Experimental deliberately low. This allows us to have a (true) Experiment and then to fail the experiment.
  182. Dave OK, I'll take on the action to write up Kev's proposal as a PR unless Kev wants to.
  183. Kev Please feel free.
  184. Dave Kev, I agree, but we have done that virtually never. We let things whither to Deferred instead and be fished back out as desired.
  185. SamWhited FWIW, I don't think (2) is a policy problem at all. I was reverting to experimental when I remembered to do it, but mostly I didn't because it's a manual process and the editor process is a pain in the ass.
  186. Kev SamWhited: I may be cynical, but I fear that one day someone litigous will aim at the XSF for us not following our formal process.
  187. Kev I agree that stuff going back to Experimental is the conceptually Right thing to do in the majority of cases, I'd just like our process to match.
  188. Dave SamWhited, Right, what Kev says. We probably need an appeals process so if people think Council isn't following the process they can ask Board to take a look, too.
  189. SamWhited Sure, sure, if we want to make it match what we were doing anyways that's fine, but I'm just saying that I don't think it will change or solve anything.
  190. Dave SamWhited, Mostly, though, XEP-0001 should document what we do, rather than be an edict for us to follow mindlessly.
  191. Kev And the reason for allowing Council to Reject is much the same. Protection against a Bad Actor.
  192. Dave Anyway, I'll take that on.
  193. Dave 5) AOB
  194. Dave Any Other Business?
  195. Kev It's right that we should basically never have to do this, because we should basically never have a bad actor, but just in case, we don't want to be screwed over when we can't kill a XEP that someone's abusing.
  196. Kev Dave: Not here.
  197. Dave 6) Next Meeting
  198. Kev SBTSBC
  199. Dave Same time next week OK for everyone?
  200. daniel Yew
  201. daniel Yes
  202. SamWhited wfm
  203. Dave 7) Ite, Meeting Est.
  204. Kev Thanks all.
  205. Dave I'll hopefully have a period of having a bit more time to spend on all this, and not go dashing about the country on a moment's notice. Sorry for my poor performance recently.
  206. peter Dave: performance reviews happen in October, so you have time to improve ;-)
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