XMPP Council - 2018-06-13

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  71. Kev Did we have an agenda for today?
  72. daniel Oh crap it's Wednesday again
  73. daniel Time flies
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  98. Kev Badaboom.
  99. SamWhited o/
  100. daniel Hi
  101. Dave Hiya.
  102. Dave So, no agenda, sorry - day job is a bit distracting currently.
  103. Dave But anyway:
  104. Dave 1) Roll Call
  105. Dave I think we're expecting no Georg. I'll assume the rest of you are (still) here.
  106. Dave 2) Agenda Bash
  107. Dave I'm actually unaware of anything needing a vote - anyone know of anything?
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  109. Dave Kev, SamWhited daniel ? You guys know of anything?
  110. SamWhited Not that I'm aware of
  111. Kev I've not been following, I just rely on the agenda these days :)
  112. Kev Nothing springs to mind.
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  114. Dave OK. In that case, I'll check for outstanding votes quickly.
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  118. Dave SamWhited, Did you vote on the MUC thing? I thought you'd veto'd but I can't see it.
  119. SamWhited Yah, I -1ed
  120. Dave OK. Only other two are Georg.
  121. Dave 3) Next Meeting.
  122. Dave Same time next week, then? Hopefully with me better prepared...
  123. daniel Last call for http upload has been issued but hasn't received any feed back yet. I assume that this is because the feedback from last time has been addressed already and anyone who has something to say already did so. Is council on the same page? Meaning would you been OK with voting on that despite lack of feedback? Or should I bump the thread to try to get people to submit their feedback again? (also most feedback that needed addressing came from other council members)
  124. Kev Oh, I had intended to respond to that before/when it showed up on the agenda. Was it meant to be this week?
  125. daniel Kev: the upload thing? Last call started a week ago. So council could vote on it next week
  126. daniel Because that ends the two week call period
  127. Kev Cool, I haven't (yet) forgotten then :)
  128. Kev I think we can look at the combination of this LC's feedback and last LC's feedback next week and vote.
  129. Dave We can certainly vote next week.
  130. Dave No feedback is a kind feedback too. :-)
  131. Dave Anyway:
  132. Dave 4) Ite, Meeting Est.
  133. Dave Sorry for the somewhat useless meeting.
  134. daniel Right. In the past we postponed votes due to lack of feedback. That's why I wanted to make sure
  135. Dave daniel, I don't think we *have* to. But sometimes we've been concerned over the silence.
  136. Kev In general, a lack of feedback suggests something shouldn't be advanced.
  137. Kev So if we believe that there is feedback likely and just needs poking, we can delay the votes.
  138. Kev But in this case ISTR there was quite a lot of feedback in the last LC.
  139. SamWhited Might as well poke and see what we get, even if we're not planning on delaying.
  140. Kev True, no harm in poking.
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