XMPP Council - 2018-08-22

  1. Dave

    jonasw, I'm belatedly looking for things for the agenda - I don't see anything, is that right?

  2. jonasw

    sorry, I’ve been away-ish from editor things for the last week or something

  3. jonasw

    I lost track

  4. jonasw

    (as I mentioned in editor@, that condition will probably last until mid-september)

  5. Link Mauve

    Dave, looking at https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pulls there are quite a few needing council.

  6. guus.der.kinderen

    handy link with filter applied in three.... two.... one....

  7. guus.der.kinderen


  8. Link Mauve

    Thanks. :)

  9. Dave

    Oh, man. FOr some reason I looked at Issues and not PRs. I'm clearly not awake today.

  10. guus.der.kinderen

    I'm pretty sure how you Brits missed that whole brexit deal before it was to late: tea instead of coffee.

  11. Link Mauve

    Hi from the UK btw. o/

  12. Link Mauve

    The XMPP Sprint organised at Collabora went very well. :)

  13. jonasw

    guus.der.kinderen, how dare you! #teamtea

  14. jonasw

    guus.der.kinderen, how dare you! #TEAm

  15. guus.der.kinderen

    oh god i'm surrounded by infidels!

  16. Link Mauve

    Tea is definitely the correct choice.

  17. Link Mauve

    I should get some before I leave for France.

  18. pep.

    Tea it'teas!

  19. pep.

    (no? no..)

  20. jonasw

    oh my god.

  21. jonasw

    kudos on writing this down in a way that it’s readable and gettable at the same time :-)

  22. Dave

    Link Mauve, Treat yourself - get Yorkshire Gold.

  23. Link Mauve


  24. Dave

    Afternoon all.

  25. Dave

    1) Who do we have?

  26. Dave

    Kev, daniel, SamWhited ? No Georg?

  27. Kev

    I've sent apologies.

  28. Kev

    Although I seem to be here regardless.

  29. daniel


  30. SamWhited


  31. Dave

    I'm 95% sure every PR in github has gone before a vote (and I suspect some votes have expired). So not having a meeting is fine. But feel free to challenge that assertion.

  32. SamWhited

    hmm, I *think* I'm caught up, but feel like I'm forgetting one still. I'll go back through the minutes and try to figure it out.

  33. Dave

    I'm hearing no challenge. I'll call this meeting scrapped, and I'll spend the time updating the Spreadsheet Of Doom instead.

  34. Kev

    I suspect I have outstandings.

  35. Kev

    And I think I'd rather there were always meetings so that at least AOB is offered, and Date Of Next is agreed. Personally.

  36. Kev

    (And so there are minutes, for that matter)

  37. Dave

    That's a fair point. We'll do that in the future.

  38. jonasw

    Dave, if you can offer me an updated SoD, I can do the merges :)

  39. jonasw

    (or closes, respectively)