XMPP Council - 2018-09-19

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  166. Zash Soon?
  167. Ge0rG Sooner than yesterday in any case
  168. Zash Timezones, how do they work*
  169. Zash Timezones, how do they work?
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  176. SamWhited driving and may be a tiny bit late or unrespinsive, shouldn't be too long though
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  185. Ge0rG !summon Dave
  186. SamWhited Perfect; I am off the road and responsive again!
  187. daniel Hi
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  189. Ge0rG It looks like we have no Kev and no Dave, so we are 3/5. Do we have an agenda volunteer?
  190. Ge0rG #1 Is it Role Call or Roll Call?
  191. Ge0rG We have Sam, Daniel and Georg. Kev promised to probably skip this one, if my log doesn't lie.
  192. Ge0rG No wait, my log is a lie. Or rather, it's way too old.
  193. Ge0rG Do we have Agenda items?
  194. SamWhited I haven't seen any new protoxeps come in
  195. daniel Allegedly there is stuff on the github
  196. SamWhited https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Needs+Council%22
  197. daniel But I didn't verify it
  198. SamWhited Yah, I have no recollection of which of these have been covered or not
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  200. jonas’ Guus’ PR wasn’t
  201. jonas’ it was discussed, but Guus made updates to it
  202. jonas’ the XEP-0198 one
  203. Ge0rG https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/579
  204. jonas’ (discussed and rejected back then)
  205. jonas’ (but now changes)
  206. jonas’ that one, exactly, thanks, Ge0rG
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  208. guus.der.kinderen (hargh, I got disconnected from this muc again. Please disregard my last comment, if it came through)
  209. Ge0rG I like the changes (I think I liked the old one as well), but it's got typos: "to" instead of "too"
  210. SamWhited guus.der.kinderen: I don't think it did, you're safe :)
  211. daniel I'm still in favor of that one. (I was the one who suggested it in the first place)
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  213. guus.der.kinderen Yup, Daniel made me do it.
  214. Ge0rG guus.der.kinderen: would you fix the "too"s?
  215. guus.der.kinderen Ge0rG: what's that? Spelling?
  216. jonas’ (yes)
  217. Ge0rG so we have... #3 Items for voting: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/579 "Add handled-count-too-high specification"
  218. Ge0rG +1 with the typos fixed.
  219. guus.der.kinderen Ge0rG: will fix
  220. daniel Huh
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  222. daniel I switched to desktop and the messages I sent from there don't arrive...
  223. daniel Anyway
  224. daniel +1
  225. SamWhited I'm +1 as well if we're making this official; this makes good sense
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  227. Ge0rG Great. I suppose Kev and Dave will on-list then.
  228. guus.der.kinderen To/too fixed.
  229. daniel +1
  230. Ge0rG daniel: there it is
  231. daniel Well at least sm works
  232. Ge0rG https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/591 "XEP-0050 Ad-Hoc Commands: Clarify 'execute' actions equivalence" was VETOed according to the Table Of Doom, as was the competing #598. Anybody remembers what the next steps with those are?
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  237. SamWhited I think we just close it and if the author wants to change things and submit a new PR that's fine. Did we have feedback? I vaguely remember that having more optional stuff didn't feel good, but don't remember the specifics
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  242. Ge0rG In February, Kev suggested to do a rewording of the text to make the intention clear.
  243. SamWhited Seems like we can close it to clean up the PRs with a note about that then, I'll leave something.
  244. SamWhited Oh, I was about to say "wait, there is a new protoxep, how did I miss this?" but daniel just submitted it
  245. Ge0rG Sorry, looks like my desktop client got DoSed by presence.
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  247. Ge0rG So it's over time, we don't have a clean agenda and not much of discussion either. Wrap it up and aim for +1W?
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  249. daniel yes
  250. Ge0rG Our work here is done.
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  274. Link Mauve guus.der.kinderen, you still have a s/to/too/ to do, here: “by sending an 'h' value that is to high”
  275. Link Mauve Also, is is “a undefined-condition” or “an undefined-condition”?
  276. Link Mauve Also s/handled-count-to-high/handled-count-too-high/
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  282. guus.der.kinderen Link Mauve: can you edit the pr? I'm not near my laptop for the rest of the day.
  283. Link Mauve Oh wow, I indeed can! :o
  284. Link Mauve Never saw that.
  285. Link Mauve Their online editor fails the search feature though. ^^'
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  287. Link Mauve There, done.
  288. guus.der.kinderen Tx
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