XMPP Council - 2018-10-10

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  21. Ge0rG Do we have an Agenda™?
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  29. Ge0rG I think there was a case in one of the recent XEPs that I objected to because it was lowercase, just to learn from Kev that those were equivalent.
  30. dwd Yes, it's been a common IETF thing that they're case-insensitive, but even the author of RFC 2119 didn't intend that.
  31. jonas’ I do; dwd: jonas@sotecware.net
  32. dwd OK
  33. Ge0rG The ist is highly useful, but it looks like no Council member has the time to maintain it.
  34. dwd Thanks.
  35. dwd 4) AOB
  36. jonas’ Ge0rG, point also is, I don’t want to be responsible to track councils votes, really
  37. jonas’ that’s above my paygrade for now
  38. dwd jonas’, Sure. I think it'd be useful for anyone in Council to be able to track their own votes, actually.
  39. Ge0rG jonas’: you are being paid as much as all Council members together.
  40. jonas’ mmm, that’d be good indeedo
  41. jonas’ Ge0rG, metaphorical paygrade
  42. Berk logs.xmpp.org
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  44. pep. UTC fixes that
  45. Kev Yes, just because you pin to UTC doesn't mean that DST doesn't happen.
  46. jonas’ at some point, we will ... :)
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  65. daniel > This MUC is also not reachable from everywhere, which is why we are missing daniel It works again
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