XMPP Council - 2018-10-24

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  93. Ge0rG

    My calendar reminds me.

  94. Ge0rG

    dwd: how's the SoD doing?

  95. dwd

    Good nudge.

  96. Kev

    Oh yes, I have an outstanding vote on the PR to change normative language. I'm -0 on it for expediency.

  97. dwd

    SoD updated.

  98. Ge0rG

    what happens to all the EXPIRED ones? Do we re-vote?

  99. dwd

    EVeryone who didn't vote (sadly, normally me this time around) is assumed to have abstained.

  100. Kev

    I'm here.

  101. dwd

    1) Who else is here apart from Kev?

  102. dwd

    And me. I'm definitely here.,

  103. dwd

    Ge0rG, daniel, SamWhited?

  104. Ge0rG .o/

  105. SamWhited

    oops, here

  106. SamWhited

    getting to a computer

  107. daniel


  108. dwd

    OK, full house.

  109. dwd

    2) Matters for a vote

  110. dwd

    I didn't find anything new to vote on this week. Have I missed anything?

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  112. Ge0rG

    I'm not aware of any, but this is not a reliable sign

  113. dwd


  114. dwd


  115. dwd

    3) Outstanding Votes

  116. dwd

    I think the only unexpired vote is now the RFC 2119 / 8174 change, from Daniel - unless I missed a vote previously?

  117. dwd

    (I have to admit I thought Daniel had voted for that, but I can't find it...)

  118. daniel

    I don't think I have

  119. Ge0rG

    and the github link is broken for that PR

  120. dwd

    Oh, so it is. How rubbish.

  121. Ge0rG

    what's the process to clean up the orange mess?

  122. Ge0rG

    (not speaking of POTUS, that is beyond our capabilities)

  123. dwd

    Well, #706 vote will expire at the end of today, anyway, so yeah, let's raise this in AOB:

  124. dwd

    4) AOB

  125. daniel

    Oh that was the meeting I missed

  126. Kev

    Is Dave enjoying his new career as a high-fashion trendsetter?

  127. daniel

    Going to read up on the minutes asap

  128. dwd

    Expired votes - the thing that expires is people's right to vote, so it operates on the basis that if you don't vote within the ttwo weeks, then you're assumed to have astained and the remaining votes will decide it.

  129. dwd

    Kev, I'm feeling underdressed.

  130. Ge0rG

    dwd: so far so good. What happens to the items that don't get a majority nor a veto?

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  132. Kev

    They don't pass.

  133. Kev

    Assuming they're things that need a majority.

  134. dwd

    Ge0rG, Just assume everyone with a blank space voted 0.

  135. dwd

    Hmmm. No votes at all recorded for some things - I'll check tedd's email again, because I think that's wrong.

  136. Ge0rG

    Can we have a pragmatic go at them and bring them up for a new vote?

  137. dwd

    In principle we can.

  138. dwd

    How about I go thorugh everything that failed to pass due to an expired vote, and place =it on the agenda for next week?

  139. Kev


  140. dwd


  141. dwd

    Any Other Any Other Business?

  142. Ge0rG

    That would be great!

  143. Ge0rG

    Winter is coming.

  144. Kev

    I've already had my first winter cold.

  145. dwd


  146. Ge0rG

    I just wanted to remind everybody that DST is happening between this and the next Council Meeting.

  147. dwd

    5) Next Meeting

  148. Ge0rG

    I think Sam is the only one negatively affected.

  149. Kev

    So usual process, modify the Council meeting time by European DST?

  150. SamWhited

    *nods* glad you said that

  151. dwd

    SamWhited, So would the DST shift in EU cause problems for you?

  152. SamWhited

    No, I'm fine with this time; just yell and hollar when I inevitably forget.

  153. dwd


  154. dwd

    So I propose 1600UTC next Wednesday, 31st October.

  155. dwd

    (Noting the change in UTC time for the meeting to accomodate the EU DST shift)

  156. Ge0rG


  157. Kev


  158. dwd

    6) Ite, Meeting Est

  159. dwd

    Thanks all!

  160. Kev


  161. Ge0rG

    Also the out-of-meeting reminder to prepare your election rally

  162. Ge0rG

    Also the out-of-meeting reminder to prepare your re-election rally

  163. dwd

    Yes, and also seek others who'd be good.

  164. Ge0rG

    zinid for Council?

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