XMPP Council - 2019-01-02

  1. Ge0rG

    Happy new year, everyone!

  2. Kev


  3. Link Mauve

    Hi. :)

  4. Link Mauve

    Do we have a meeting now?

  5. Kev

    Do we have a Chair?

  6. Kev

    2019-01-02 1600 UTC allegedly.

  7. Kev

    1) Roll call

  8. Kev

    I'm here, Link Mauve's here.

  9. Kev

    Anyone else? :)

  10. Link Mauve

    Ge0rG was here 15 minutes ago.

  11. Kev


  12. Kev

    dave seems not to be.

  13. Kev

    Give it until 5 past I guess? We don't have quorum otherwise.

  14. Link Mauve


  15. Ge0rG is still there

  16. Kev

    Happy days.

  17. Kev

    2) Agenda bashing

  18. Kev

    We don't have an agenda, I think.

  19. Ge0rG

    There was some LC stuff and a PR for obsoletion

  20. Ge0rG

    We might want to vote on deprecation of those XEPs

  21. Link Mauve

    Ge0rG, we decided last week that obsoletion wasn’t possible with our process, without first going through last call.

  22. Link Mauve

    Same for deprecation.

  23. Ge0rG

    then vote on LC?

  24. Kev

    With Dave/Jonas absent, and I'm assuming others (me at least) are still in a haze from the holidays, I'd suggest punting everything until next week.

  25. Ge0rG

    Kev: +1

  26. Kev

    When hopefully Dave will have an agenda out in advance for prep.

  27. Kev

    3) Date of next +1w?

  28. Link Mauve


  29. Kev

    4) AOB?

  30. Ge0rG

    +1W WFM

  31. Link Mauve

    Let’s all have a nap now!

  32. Kev

    A nap sounds So Good.

  33. Kev

    Alright, thanks all (both!).

  34. Kev


  35. Ge0rG


  36. jonas’


  37. jonas’


  38. jonas’


  39. jonas’

    I totally get confused with weekdays