XMPP Council - 2019-02-13

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  52. Kev Do we have agendums for today?
  53. zinid Kev: my protoxeps? 😁
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  60. Kev Indeed.
  61. Kev Just those then? dwd?
  62. dwd Sorry, I can't make it. Apologies for short notice.
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  64. jonas’ meta-apologies
  65. jonas’ Kev, there might be more (editor hat on), but my weekend was virtually nonexistent and I’m still busy with catchup (editor hat off)
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  68. Kev I can relate.
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  72. Kev 'tis time, 'tis time.
  73. Kev 1) Roll call
  74. Kev Dave sends apologies.
  75. jonas’ I’m here
  76. Ge0rG ,oO( ,o/ )
  77. jonas’ Ge0rG breaks parsers
  78. Link Mauve o/
  79. Ge0rG ,o/
  80. Ge0rG used the wrong macro.
  81. Kev I'll pretend to be Dave unless anyone objects loudly.
  82. Kev No? Good.
  83. jonas’ hi dave
  84. Kev Without a formal agenda, I'll go with zinid's three protoXEPs and leave it at that.
  85. Kev 2) https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/xor.html Accept as Experimental?
  86. Ge0rG 17:01:45 Kev> I'll pretend to be Dave unless anyone objects loudly. 17:01:45 Kev> No? Good. That was a very brief ojection time interval.
  87. jonas’ ( Ge0rG 3s here)
  88. Link Mauve The issue with the XSF acting as a CA has been resolved.
  89. jonas’ Kev, I’m pulling up the diff for anyone interested
  90. jonas’ https://github.com/xsf/xeps/commit/c0bda7c56786e27d68c718686d34db44b47a1b11
  91. Ge0rG jonas’: is that the sole diff?
  92. jonas’ that’s the entire diff on xor.xml
  93. Ge0rG Damn. Github sentence-diff is b0rked. I need to on-list that.
  94. jonas’ I’m on list, too
  95. jonas’ I still don’t know a bit about RELOAD
  96. Kev I don't know about RELOAD, but this seems to clear the barrier for Experimental for me (I'd have to do a lot of reading before advancing further, but ...).
  97. Kev So I'm +1.
  98. Kev Link Mauve?
  99. Link Mauve I’m +1, I haven’t read more about RELOAD since last week but this is no reason to block advancement to Experimental.
  100. Ge0rG Dave, what's your vote?
  101. jonas’ *squint*
  102. zinid tldr, I splitted xor into three documents, the xsf is only now required to maintain a redirect to CAs enrollment http servers
  103. Link Mauve Kev, right, reminds me that I should implement displaying csn in Swift. ^^
  104. Kev 3) https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/eax.html Accept as experimental?
  105. jonas’ Link Mauve, still awaiting a PR against Jingle-FT from you first...
  106. Link Mauve jonas’, yup, I know.
  107. Kev zinid: Ta.
  108. Ge0rG on-list. Sorry.
  109. Link Mauve On list too.
  110. jonas’ +1 I think
  111. Kev Oh, wait, this is Procedural, whoops.
  112. jonas’ is it?
  113. zinid eax-car is for the board, yes
  114. Kev So I think we should discuss with Board who the approving body should be.
  115. Kev Procedural can be either.
  116. jonas’ eax is not
  117. jonas’ eax-car is
  118. zinid jonas’: Right
  119. Kev Ah, sorry, too many tabs.
  120. Kev I think this one was fine, but I should on-list as I've just fluffed my tabs up.
  121. Kev And that means no vote needed on eax-car.
  122. Link Mauve Indeed.
  123. jonas’ yeah, eax-car probably needs to be forwarded to Board
  124. Kev So I think we're done for today.
  125. Kev 4) Date of next
  126. Ge0rG Another job well done.
  127. Zash Good job Dave
  128. jonas’ +1w wfm, Dave
  129. Ge0rG +1W WFM
  130. Kev I won't be able to do next week, but I'm sure you'll all have fun without me.
  131. Kev 5) AOB?
  132. jonas’ everyone review their open votes
  133. Kev Sounds like "no".
  134. Kev Thanks all.
  135. jonas’ including myself there
  136. jonas’ thanks dave
  137. Kev nags the bavel.
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  139. Ge0rG Kev: it looks like there is a missing vote from Kev-you regarding 0410 advancement
  140. Kev If that's last week's, the minutes went out this afternoon, and that's my trigger for list voting.
  141. Kev So I'm hoping to get to my onlists for both last week and today tomorrow.
  142. Ge0rG Kev: Awesome! There is also an excellent Voting Summary by a person named Tedd Sterr.
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