XMPP Council - 2019-05-15

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  35. dwd BTW, I'm assuming nothing for the agenda this afternoon, still. Hence no agenda, which is simple laziness on my part. Link Mauve, please check your outstanding votes.
  36. Kev Given no agenda, I might well be absent.
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  38. dwd OK. Ge0rG is absent too, I believe. jonas’ Link Mauve, if either of you can't make it we'll declare a skip.
  39. Ge0rG I might be less absent than anticipated.
  40. jonas’ I’ll be here, but possibly a few minutes late
  41. jonas’ I got caught up in a work meeting and can only start my commute home now
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  50. jonas’ .
  51. dwd Tick tick.
  52. dwd 1) Who's Here?
  53. dwd I mean, apart from me.
  54. Link Mauve Oh hi, just on time!
  55. Link Mauve Right, votes.
  56. dwd That's... Two.
  57. jonas’ I’m here
  58. jonas’ just fell into the door
  59. jonas’ just fell through the door into the flat
  60. dwd Are you OK?
  61. jonas’ eh, }s
  62. jonas’ eh, yes
  63. dwd Anyway, that's Three. So we have quorum.
  64. dwd 2) Agenda Bashing
  65. jonas’ (it’s a figure of speech (which apparently does not translate well) for when you come home exhausted)
  66. dwd Despite some effort, there was nothing for the agenda, so I didn't bother writing that in an email.
  67. dwd jonas’, I understood, I was merely being obtuse, sorry.
  68. jonas’ I’m afraid I’m too exhausted for that ;)
  69. jonas’ Editor Hat: I’m sorry that I didn’t get around to push updates to xeps, I had like four minutes between coming home and meeting start ;)
  70. jonas’ will take care of that after the meeting
  71. dwd Did I miss anything for the agenda?
  72. dwd Or do we really have nothing?
  73. dwd OK, I'll assume nothing.
  74. dwd 3) Items for a vote (NULL)
  75. dwd 4) Outstanding Votes
  76. dwd I think it's just Link Mauve for one.
  77. dwd PR #758 - XEP-0060: Expose pubsub#access_model and pubsub#publish_model - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/758
  78. jonas’ I think so too, but will double check wtih tedds mail to be sure
  79. dwd Link Mauve, ^^
  80. Link Mauve (I’m looking at it.)
  81. dwd 5) AOB
  82. dwd ?
  83. Link Mauve Didn’t we already vote on that?
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  85. Link Mauve I quite remember having said +1 to it, or did something change that required a re-vote?
  86. dwd Well, you're welcome to say "+1" again for the avoidance of doubt.
  87. Link Mauve I’m +1 on it anyway. ^^
  88. dwd I think we re-voted.
  89. dwd OK.
  90. dwd Any OB?
  91. dwd Assuming not:
  92. Link Mauve Still deploring the lack of specification for the various form values in this XEP and a few other ones.
  93. Link Mauve None from me.
  94. jonas’ none from me
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  96. dwd OK
  97. dwd 6) Next Meeting
  98. dwd +1W?
  99. jonas’ wfm
  100. dwd That's 2019-05-22 15:00Z I believe.
  101. dwd 7) Ite, Meeting Est
  102. dwd Thanks all.
  103. dwd jonas’, Looks like you have a load of Editor work now, sorry.
  104. pep. Link Mauve, I think 758 was first vetoed and then it was brought back to life a few weeks after
  105. jonas’ that’s alright
  106. jonas’ will see to it in half an hour or so
  107. Link Mauve pep., oh, thanks.
  108. dwd Link Mauve, Yeah, I think Kev originally vetoed, and somebody changed his mind several weeks afterward.
  109. pep. Does that not keep the original votes in this case? As in "I'm coming back on my decision" rather than "it's a new decision", it's not like 0060 has advanced or anything had changed with regard to it (or what judges would say "new evidence has come to light")
  110. jonas’ dwd, thanks for annotating the PRs
  111. dwd (Some of)
  112. jonas’ dwd, for the next agenda: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/690#issuecomment-463793958
  113. Ge0rG Oops. Sorry, looks like I missed the meeting.
  114. jonas’ uh
  115. jonas’ I can see a conflict arising
  116. jonas’ https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/779 has passed the council vote, but the text there is not 100% compatible with the text proposed on the ML
  117. jonas’ https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/779 has passed the council vote, but the text there is not 100% compatible with the text proposed by Ge0rG on the ML for a proper fix
  118. jonas’ oh, it is
  119. jonas’ nevermind
  120. Ge0rG jonas’: that #690 comment is three months old, unless github is in another time bubble, right?
  121. jonas’ Ge0rG, yes, but we still haven’t talked about it
  122. jonas’ note that the PR is even from last council
  123. jonas’ dwd, also for next agenda: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/778 -- we need to re-discuss it after the changes Ge0rG made, it was vetoed by Kev before
  124. dwd Ge0rG, No worries about missing a null meeting.
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  126. Ge0rG jonas’: 778 has been voted on twice, the last vote was with the new changes.
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  128. jonas’ are you sure?
  129. jonas’ ah I’m too stupid to read
  130. jonas’ yeah
  131. jonas’ passed \o/
  132. jonas’ I’m starting to question whether I should really be messing with xsf/xeps right now
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  137. jonas’ mmmmmergespree
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