XMPP Council - 2019-05-22

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  64. Ge0rG looks around, then hides under a large rock
  65. dwd has seen.
  66. jonas’ too
  67. dwd OK.
  68. jonas’ ok?
  69. jonas’ itym OOK.
  70. dwd It's meeting time, is what I actually meant.
  71. jonas’ now it is
  72. Kev Except it wasn't.
  73. Kev But now is.
  74. jonas’ there we go
  75. jonas’ flips the rock under which Ge0rG is hiding over to uncover him
  76. dwd 1) Who is here?
  77. jonas’ I am
  78. Ge0rG Hey!
  79. dwd Sorry for the late start.
  80. Kev I is here.
  81. Ge0rG How is it late if you stated 5 seconds early?
  82. dwd Link Mauve ?
  83. Kev He won't know the answer to that, surely?
  84. dwd Kev, Apparently not.
  85. dwd 2) Agenda Tcshing
  86. dwd Anyone got anything more than was already on the agenda?
  87. dwd If not...
  88. dwd 3) Items for votings:
  89. dwd a) https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/690 XEP-0184: Make the schema require @id in <received/>
  90. Kev I've left a comment there just moments ago.
  91. Kev https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/690/files
  92. dwd As noted, this is an old PR that's been rejected, but has since been reopened.
  93. jonas’ I agree with Kevs comment
  94. Ge0rG +1, ideally including the Kev wording change
  95. jonas’ I was confused there too for a second
  96. dwd Kev, Is that a veto, but accepting it in advance with that note?
  97. Kev I guess technically yes? But really it's "yes, and" rather than "No!".
  98. jonas’ I follow Kev on this one
  99. Kev I really view it as approval given that Link Mauve would presumably update the text before the end of the voting period :)
  100. Kev But regardless, +1 if that tweak gets merged, -0 otherwise.
  101. dwd OK - so... Votes... Is that everyone with a bizarre conditional +1, then?
  102. Ge0rG But we'd have to have a new vote after the update
  103. dwd Ge0rG, Not if you all veto and change it when Link Mauve updates.
  104. Kev Ge0rG: I'm not convinced we really do. Nothing says that the change we vote on has to be in github.
  105. dwd Kev, This is also true.
  106. Ge0rG dwd: we miss your vote
  107. jonas’ I think council can just bring in their own changes anyways
  108. Kev A proposed change that we approve being "Link Mauve's change plus Kev's text" can be approved AFAICS.
  109. jonas’ so if we say "yeah, we want that change, Editor, do that when you merge" that’s what’s going to happen
  110. dwd Ge0rG, Good point. I'm +1 on the change including Kev's proposal.
  111. dwd Moving on...
  112. dwd b) https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/750 XEP-0300: remove content which has been moved to XEP-0414
  113. Kev I think events have overtaken this.
  114. jonas’ do they?
  115. Kev As an Author already okayed it.
  116. jonas’ have they?
  117. dwd Have they?
  118. jonas’ ah, that
  119. jonas’ probably
  120. dwd In that case, do we want to consider Last Call - I feel we should probably wait until this is merged.
  121. Ge0rG Can't we make a last call with a bizarre precondition?
  122. jonas’ it’s all about bizarre conditions today
  123. dwd Ge0rG, Our powers are without limitation, it seems.
  124. dwd But no, we'll await a merge, I think.
  125. jonas’ dwd, I think Board might have a word on that ;)
  126. Ge0rG dwd: we might need an author or a shepherd for the last call.
  127. dwd 4) Outstanding Votes
  128. Ge0rG A membership vote is open.
  129. dwd When I wrote the agenda, we had none. Now we have one from Link Mauve...
  130. dwd 5) AOB
  131. dwd No, wait.
  132. dwd 5) Next Meeting
  133. dwd 2019-05-29 OK for everyone?
  134. Ge0rG Most probably yes
  135. jonas’ you’re making me do arithmetics in my head
  136. jonas’ I don’t like that
  137. Kev I don't immediately have a problem with it :)
  138. jonas’ wfm
  139. dwd 6) AOB
  140. jonas’ none from me
  141. Kev Nope.
  142. dwd I do, vaguely - does anyone have pointers to the "Inbox" discussions from the various summits?
  143. Ge0rG I don't have any breaking changes to XEPs to offer on short notice.
  144. jonas’ I’d expect Kev to have some
  145. jonas’ but surely we have minutes?
  146. dwd I ask because I'm considering knocking out a candidate design, and I'm curious to see how it matches what has been discussed.
  147. jonas’ there’s something on smart mam here which might relate slightly to that: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Minutes_of_the_2019_Summit:_Day_one
  148. dwd But no matter, I'm sure I can probably find the minutes etc.
  149. Kev I don't have pointers to them, but I have considerable interest in the area, and also opinions ;)
  150. dwd Kev, Opinions? How unlike you.
  151. Kev In as much as I think it can be driven pretty much entirely through smart use of the archive currently referred to as MAM.
  152. jonas’ dwd, there’s also this: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Minutes_of_the_2018_Summit:_Day_one#1.4_Inbox_.28Open_Chats.29
  153. dwd Kev, I agree up to a point.
  154. dwd jonas’, Thanks.
  155. Kev dwd: I'm up for a quick chat about it, at least. Before or after a strawman or more appears.
  156. Ge0rG I remember a discussion in Düsseldorf that resulted in the realization that just using MAM, smartly or not, is not sufficient.
  157. Kev No, MAM is not sufficient.
  158. dwd Kev, Cool, I'll organise a timeslot.
  159. Kev But I think it makes sense to be using data heavily tied to the archive that is currently presented over MAM.
  160. jonas’ I’d like to at least listen in to those discussions
  161. dwd Kev, Yes, with you there.
  162. dwd jonas’, I'll organise a timeslot with a chatroom attached.
  163. jonas’ that sounds great
  164. jonas’ unless it’s a webex ;)
  165. dwd jonas’, Oh, you want video too?
  166. jonas’ nooo
  167. jonas’ doesn’t work anyways
  168. dwd (I';m actually fine with that, but...)
  169. Ge0rG It MUST be using XMPP. No Experimental XEPs, though.
  170. dwd Ge0rG, :-)
  171. Kev I was assuming video, because bandwidth.
  172. dwd Right, anyway, I think we're drifting into:
  173. Kev Thanks all.
  174. dwd 7) Ite, Meeting Est.
  175. jonas’ I don’t like the acausality of today’s meeting.
  176. jonas’ thanks, dwd & all
  177. dwd jonas’, Cause and effect, but not necessarily in that order.
  178. Ge0rG jonas’: I'm pretty sure that people haven't yet digested the fallout of the preceding meetings, that resulted in a peak of editor activity recently.
  179. jonas’ for certain definitions of "recently"
  180. jonas’ I did most of the stuff last week and simply forget to send the emails :-X
  181. Ge0rG jonas’: I'm sure that all the people who are using website change notification services to watch for XEP changes noticed.
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