XMPP Council - 2019-07-03

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  17. Ge0rG I don't know yet whether I will be able to make today's meeting.
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  38. jonas’ .
  39. dwd .
  40. dwd jonas’, I'm wondering if it'll just be the two of us for Council.
  41. dwd Link Mauve, You about?
  42. jonas’ that’s certainly a possibility
  43. jonas’ I might have AOB, which we could still discuss even without quorum?
  44. jonas’ may be useful to have a voice from you and/or any present floor
  45. jonas’ but I can also raise this in xsf@
  46. dwd 1) Roll Call
  47. dwd jonas’, Link Mauve, Ge0rG ?
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  49. jonas’ *crickets*
  50. Ge0rG is more gone than there
  51. Link Mauve I’m here.
  52. Link Mauve So, we have quorum.
  53. jonas’ HEALTH_WARN: 1 slow request(s) > 300s
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  55. jonas’ dwd, ?
  56. dwd Oh, sorry, I'd got distracted.
  57. dwd Well, scratch today anyway, but if jonas’ wanted some thoughts I can give some.
  58. jonas’ I was wondering whether we should try to recruit some folks to whom we delegate power or who will give us advice on Jingle.
  59. jonas’ I personally do not feel very comfortable with voting on Jingle stuff, because it is a huge complex thing which I haven’t touched, at all, yet.
  60. peter We could create a Jingle SIG (cf https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0002.html) ;-)
  61. Ge0rG I agree. I have the same feeling of looming incompetence
  62. peter Jingle is semi-clean compared to SIP, but WebRTC is indeed a complex technology.
  63. jonas’ Jingle is still a lot of stuff I don’t have an overview over
  64. jonas’ and even reading the XEPs wouldn’t help to really grasp the implementation implications I’m afraid
  65. jonas’ it’s a little different with MIX where I have sunken quite a few hours and which I considered while designing the MUC part of aioxmpp, but still
  66. peter nod
  67. Link Mauve jonas’, I have worked on multiple Jingle implementations, and I feel I could be useful to this SIG.
  68. peter I was half-joking about the SIG. But having an informal review team might be sensible.
  69. peter is not a fan of formalism
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  73. Zash jonas’ [17:40]: > it’s a little different with MIX where I have sunken quite a few hours and which I considered while designing the MUC part of aioxmpp, but still That feeling of sunk cost, I have it too now after the massive MUC changes
  74. jonas’ nothing to do with sunk cost I think?
  75. jonas’ it’s about difference in understanding of the different systems
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